AHS COVID-19 Vaccine Information – Chinese

我們定為所有人服務。在疫情期間,我們繼續爲你服務。 阿拉米達健康系統 (Alameda Health System)擴大對2019冠狀病毒病(COVID-19)疫苗接種的資格標準。年齡在16歲或以上並且在阿拉米達健康系統 (AHS) 診所正接受護理(初級護理、專科、牙科或心理行為健康科)的病人,現在合資格接種COVID-19疫苗: 隨著阿拉米達縣疫苗指引的變更,我們將更新此資格(可以在這裏here 找到指引和資源.。 只有預約才可接種疫苗。如果你符合上述條件,致電我們的預約中心510-437-8500安排預約。以下的四家AHS健康中心將會繼續提供疫苗接種.。 海倫醫院: 1411 E 31st St, Oakland, CA 94602 Highland Care Pavilion, 3樓 Eastmont 健康中心: 6955 Foothill Blvd #200, Oakland, CA 94605 Hayward 健康中心: 664 Southland Mall, Hayward, CA 94545 Newark 健康中心: 6066 Civic Terrace Ave, Newark, CA 94560 你對疫苗有任可疑問嗎 ? 若要與你的醫生預約,請致電(510)-437-8500 或在MyAlamedaHealth, 我們的病人線上網戶,有時稱為MyChart與他們聯繫。 你可以在AHS網站AHS COVID-19 website上查看“經常問的問題(Frequently [...]

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AHS COVID-19 Vaccine Information

We serve all. During this pandemic, and always. Servimos a todos. Durante la pandemia, y siempre. Alameda Health System ha ampliado los criterios de elegibilidad para las vacunas contra el COVID-19. Los pacientes que actualmente reciben atención médica en una de las clínicas de AHS (atención primaria, atención especializada, clínica dental o salud [...]

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24/7 Ballot Drop Boxes at the 3 AHS Locations

Alameda Health System has partnered with the Alameda County Registrar of Voters to support the November 3, 2020 General Election by installing official 24/7 Ballot Drop Boxes at the AHS locations below. Please remember that these ballot drop boxes are for those registered to vote in Alameda County.

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Medical staff show support of AHS Board of Trustees and Leadership Team

We the Chairs of the listed Medical Staff Departments are writing to you to provide our perspective on AHS leadership – specifically our Board of Trustees and our CEO, Mr. Delvecchio Finley and his executive leadership team.

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The Health and Safety of our Patients is Always our Number One Priority

The health and safety of our patients is always our number one priority. Alameda Health System is in labor negotiations with SEIU 1021 and the California Nurses Association. Their members have chosen to strike from Wednesday, October 7th to Monday, October 12th.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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CEO Finley Statement to Board of Supervisors on Planned Strike

As we sit here today, less than 24 hours away from a five-day strike announced by unions representing many AHS workers, it is my sincere hope that we are engaged in dialogue designed to avert this strike and to focus on protecting the health and safety of our community. Throughout our negotiations with all [...]

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