How Royal Care Connect is Transforming the Patient Experience

Originally published on   Challenge Patient flow at Alameda Health System’s Highland Hospital was chronically slow because many patients lacked transportation home or to the next stage of their care. The problem contributed to extremely long emergency room wait times and overcapacity. Solution Royal Care Connect provides reliable, on-demand transportation for [...]

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Hospitals hope DSH cut delay leads to long-term solutions

Originally published in Modern HealthCare September 27, 2019 By, STEVEN ROSS JOHNSON As Congress approved another delay to $4 billion in planned cuts to Medicaid disproportionate-share hospital payments, hospitals are gearing up to rally support for a longer-term solution. The latest continuing resolution would postpone the funding reduction until Nov. 21 and awaits President Donald [...]

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Encourage more African-American moms to breastfeed

Originally published in the East Bay Times August 22, 2019 By, Kevin Scott-Smith, MD Opinion: Encourage more African-American moms to breastfeed Reduce baby’s chances of obesity and diabetes; lower mom’s chances of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, heart disease The health care industry moves with ardent enthusiasm to data and evidence-based care and applauds itself [...]

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AHS CEO Strives to Improve Population Health, Affordability and Access

Originally posted on the American Hospital Association website. Jun 12, 2019 - by Talia Schmidt As a chemistry student at Emory University, AHA board member Delvecchio Finley worked part time at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta in a range of areas — from parking deck security to medical records to admitting patients to the emergency department [...]

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Opinion: Why Alameda Health System Needs More Funding

Shifts in fiscal landscape creates threat of severe cuts to health care treatments Originally published in The Mercury News By Joe DeVries, Alameda Health System Board President | June 12, 2019 Across the state, public hospitals and health systems operate under highly challenging financial circumstances and are faced with the herculean task of developing financial [...]

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Committed Physician Recruits Young People to Diversify Health Care Workforce

Originally published on California Health Care Foundation MAY 16, 2019 By Heather Stringer Like all emergency department physicians, Jocelyn Freeman Garrick, MD, treats patients suffering from broken bones, chest pain, infections, and a host of other ailments. But she also makes time for a second, unpaid job that sets her apart from her peers: The [...]

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Treating Opioid Addiction in the Emergency Department

Originally Published in the Association of American Medical Colleges News Tuesday, May 14, 2019 By Beth Howard In a novel approach, ED doctors at several teaching hospitals treat more than overdose symptoms. They start patients on the road to recovery. When Anna Wilson* was hospitalized with blood clots in her lungs at age 16, she [...]

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Healthcare Moving To Meet Patients Where They Are

Originally published in BisNow May 6, 2019 By Allison Nagel Healthcare offerings are changing as providers and innovators seek to offer care in ways and settings that are convenient for the communities they serve. "Part of the innovation is to get the patient to the most efficient point in the health system for the interaction [...]

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Severe Alcohol-Related Liver Disease on the Rise, Study Finds

Experts say the increase may be due to heavy binge drinking, especially in young adults. Originally published on May 7, 2019 By Linda Carroll Severe alcohol-related liver disease is on the rise, a new study suggests. Experts say the increase may be due to heavy binge drinking, especially in young adults. Researchers found that [...]

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Call the Midwife — if the Doctor Doesn’t Object

Originally published on Kaiser Health News Jan. 15, 2019, 2:35 PM PST By Anna Gorman, Kaiser Health News Every morning at Watsonville Community Hospital in Northern California, the labor and delivery team divvies up its patients — low-risk ones go to the midwives and high-risk ones to the physicians. Then, throughout the day, the doctors [...]

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