Black newborns and moms in Oakland need more support. These East Bay birth workers are here to help

As recently published in Last year, Black infants born in Alameda County were less than half as likely to survive past their first birthday than white infants, according to data from the California Department of Public Health. Black newborns were also twice as likely to face low-birth weights compared to white newborns, a condition [...]

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California must put Black and Latino Communities at front of COVID Vaccine Line

By James Jackson, Interim CEO of Alameda Health System As published in The Sacramento Bee As we see a convergence of Black History Month and the Herculean effort to disseminate the COVID-19 vaccine, we need to do more than recognize the historical contributions of African Americans in the country. We must take [...]

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AHS Offering COVID Vaccine to Vulnerable Patients

Hundreds of AHS patients who are 65 years and older who receive care at our primary care, specialty, dental or behavioral health clinics began receiving COVID-19 vaccine at our vaccination clinics last week. Today, vaccine is being offered at Highland, Eastmont, Hayward, and Newark Wellness Centers. “I am very happy to be receiving the [...]

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In Honor of Black History Month We Spotlight the Granny Midwives and Their Legacy

AHS has been providing midwife led services for more than 40 years, but the practice of midwifery is not new and in fact Black midwives have played a leading role in providing care during labor and delivery for thousands of women dating back to the 1600s. The granny midwives were well respected Black women [...]

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Connecting Patients with Community Services Creates a Better Patient Experience

A few months into the pandemic Natalie Curtis, MD, Primary Care and the Ambulatory team noticed fewer patients were coming in for routine health care services. “As a result, they were at risk of not getting their health care needs met,” said Curtis. That’s when Curtis and the Ambulatory medical staff volunteered for a [...]

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HealthPATH: Increasing Diversity and Equity in the Health Care Workforce of the Future

Through our HealthPATH program Alameda Health System (AHS) is investing in the next generation of health care workers by providing a path to health care careers for students from economically disadvantaged communities. Every year HealthPATH’s nine programs provide internships and other work-based learning experience to more than 500 middle school to college students who [...]

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Oakland Native James Jackson Takes Helm at the Alameda Health System

Oakland Native James Jackson Takes Helm at the Alameda Health System Recently published in “As an AHS patient, physician and Board president, I am delighted that Mr. Jackson is re-joining Alameda Health System and stepping into this vital role,” said Taft Bhuket, M.D., president of AHS’s Board of Trustees. The [...]

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About the COVID-19 Vaccine

Process & Scheduling The COVID-19 vaccine has been authorized by the Federal Drug Administration for emergency use and is currently being administered according to guidelines from the Alameda County Department of Public Health. We are following guidelines from the Alameda County Department of Public Health to vaccinate patients. Currently we are planning to roll [...]

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Alameda Health System Announces Interim CEO

Alameda Health System (AHS) Board of Trustees Wednesday unanimously approved the appointment of former AHS executive James Jackson as the system’s Interim Chief Executive Officer. Jackson will assume the role immediately and partner on the transition with outgoing CEO Delvecchio Finley, who is leaving AHS on January 22. After one of the most tumultuous [...]

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