Let’s Help Our Neighborhood Children Succeed!

Backpack and School Supply Drive As our neighborhood children return to in-person learning, some for the very first time, let’s help them have what they need to succeed! In 2019 Alameda Health System (AHS) held a successful backpack and school supply drive for a neighborhood school just blocks from Highland Hospital. This year we [...]

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Employee Spotlight: E’Jaaz Ali, Chief Information Security Officer

One of the best things about working here is the diversity—not just diversity in people, but diversity in mind. An example I like to use is three plus four equals seven, but so does five plus two and six plus one. There’s many different ways to get to [...]

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COVID-19 Cases on the Rise – Vaccination Best Protection

Alameda County officials warned Thursday, July 8, 2021 that COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are on the rise with many of those being impacted living in communities where vaccination rates are lowest including many of the communities we serve. The latest increases are likely due to reopening, a decrease in masking and circulation of the [...]

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HealthPATH Hosts Fourth Young Men of Color Cohort

One of the most important ways Alameda Health System (AHS) continues to demonstrate its mission of teaching and delivering on its vision to promote wellness and eliminate disparities in health care is through the Young Men of Color Cohort summer program. For the fourth consecutive year, HealthPATH is hosting 14 young men of color [...]

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Working Together to Reduce the Disparities Gap in Heart Health

A person’s race or ethnicity should not put them at higher risk for developing cardiovascular disease (CVD), but unfortunately it is one factor that affects the likeliness of having a heart attack. It is also the leading cause of death for African Americans. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) African [...]

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Add the COVID-19 Vaccine to Your Summer To Do List

With warm weather approaching, and as COVID-19 related restrictions on daily activities begin to lift, Alameda Health System reminds residents to take precautions to stay safe this summer by getting vaccinated. “It’s important to understand COVID-19 continues to spread in our communities and not everyone is fully vaccinated. While we want everyone to go [...]

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Give Blood and Keep the World Beating

Because of the risk of exposure to COVID-19, many patients delayed their care and treatments and now as the pandemic recedes, procedures and surgeries are resuming and the need for blood donations is even more critical. In 2020, over 1700 AHS patients received blood products with the majority of massive transfusions provided in the [...]

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Integrated Care Is the Best Care

Alameda Health System (AHS) is leading the way to improve cure rates for breast cancer patients with multidisciplinary treatment and support. Oncology Chief Kevin Knopf MD, MPH says advancements in medicine and clinical care in the past 10 years along with the integrated care model at AHS has led to better diagnoses, treatment and [...]

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Happy Father’s Day: “I’m her dad. She’s very special, a blessing, an angel sent from heaven.”

This is our baby, Sochi. I’m her dad. She’s very special, a blessing, an angel sent from heaven. I felt the connection instantly, even when she was in the womb. She knows my voice. She knows my touch. We listened to a lot of music together. Being there for [...]

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Meet Our First Teens Who Received COVID-19 Vaccines

Alameda Health System is proud to be offering COVID-19 vaccines to teens 12 an older. Students can receive the COVID-19 vaccine at Highland Hospital with parental consent by calling 510-437-8500 to schedule an appointment. We had an opportunity to chat with some of the first teens to receive vaccine at AHS. Read more about [...]

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