Black Centering is a new kind of care made for you and your baby.

At Alameda Health System, we honor and celebrate Black birth, Black families, and Black community through BElovedBIRTH Black Centering.

BElovedBIRTH Black Centering is a new GOLD PACKAGE of prenatal and postpartum care, by, for and with Black people. Our unique model of group care provides a supportive Black community to help you and your growing family through the joys and challenges of pregnancy, birth and parenting. We are so happy and honored to help support you in your journey!

With BElovedBIRTH Black Centering, you get an all Black dream team of care providers including Black midwives, family support advocates, doulas, breastfeeding specialists, doctors, and more. Our program is midwifery-led and team-based, so we all work together to make sure you get the care you need. All of our groups are facilitated by a midwife and a family support advocate who provides care coordination. And other care providers like doulas and breastfeeding/infant feeding specialists are featured as guest facilitators for group sessions related to their expertise. 

BElovedBIRTH Black Centering focuses on you and your needs as you move along the journey from pregnancy to life as a new parent. In this program we will celebrate key milestones and accomplishments, while helping you overcome challenges and lower stress. Our program provides the highest quality of care to help you and your baby have the best start.

Bring Your People!

Black Centering groups are not only for you, they’re for your support people too. So bring your partner, mother, sister, friend, whoever is walking this journey with you.