A Mother’s Love

Our mothers often make sacrifices to be sure we thrive. Shamon Blue loved her career as a benefits administrator at AHS, but was ready to quit her job to be by her son’s bedside after he was born prematurely. With an understanding supervisor, she was able to reduce her hours, keep her benefits and be [...]

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AHS Care For the Future in Action

At Alameda Health System (AHS) when we say care for the future, we’re talking about being innovators in healthcare and cultivating the minds of our future healthcare leaders. This week 44 students graduated from the AHS HealthPATH internship program and one exceptional student was awarded a $10,000 scholarship. Hiu Qiao Wu, a senior at Oakland [...]

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Sambo Ly: Survivor, Translator, Storyteller

Sambo Ly was silenced during her adolescent years and she has made it her life’s work to speak for those who cannot. She is a survivor of the brutal Khmer Rouge Regime that lasted from 1975-1979 in Cambodia. During this time, millions of Cambodians were murdered if they were believed to be educated, connected to [...]

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Z Harper Appointed to Measure A Committee

Alameda Health System (AHS) Breast Cancer Patient Navigator Zhonett “Z” Harper was recently appointed to the Measure A Citizen Oversight Committee. Measure A is a tax ordinance that provides financial support for emergency medical, hospital inpatient, outpatient, public health, mental health and substance abuse services to indigent, low‐income and uninsured adults, children and families, seniors [...]

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Black Maternal Health Week

Kalayjah Harris delivered her baby at the Alameda Health System-Family Birthing Center, her daughter A’Rorri, is now 4 months old. Harris participated in the CenteringPregnancy® group led by AHS midwives. Below is her maternity experience in her own words. “It’s great to be a mom. A’Rorri is full of laughter and she’s just amazing. When [...]

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Charlotte Wills, MD, Receives Residency Director of the Year Award

Charlotte Wills, MD, is the 2019 recipient of the Residency Director of the Year Award. This honor was received from the Emergency Medicine Residents' Association (EMRA). The award recognizes a residency director who serves as a role model for residents and exemplifies those qualities residents value in a mentor. According to her residents, Wills goes [...]

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AHS Debuts Giving Me Life Art Exhibit

The “Giving Me Life: A Visual Journey of African-American Organ and Tissue Transplant Recipients” art exhibit has officially opened at the Alameda Health System (AHS)-Highland Care Pavilion Lobby. AHS has partnered with Donor Network West, an organ and tissue recovery organization, to bring “Giving Me Life” to AHS. The exhibit underscores the need [...]

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AHS Trustee Maria Hernandez to be Inducted into Alameda County Women’s Hall of Fame

To whom much is given, much is required, a philosophy Maria Hernandez, PhD, has chosen to live by. On Saturday, March 30, Hernandez, Alameda Health System (AHS) Board of Trustee member and President of Impact4Health, will be inducted into the Alameda County Women’s Hall of Fame. Hernandez has made it her life’s work to [...]

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A Bridge to Health

Currently, 7% of high risk patients consume 81% of the total health care costs. Programs like complex care management help improve patient health outcomes and reduce costs. Additional funds can be used to support and create more preventative care programs. What follows is an example of what happens when care coordination and collaboration between [...]

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San Leandro & Alameda Hospital Receive 5150 Hold Designation

The Alameda County Board of Supervisors recently approved a proposal to designate Alameda Health System’s San Leandro and Alameda Hospital, the University of California Berkeley Student Health Center and the Oakland Behavioral Health Clinic as 5150 hold facilities. “Having these other facilities with the designation will reduce wait times for treatment, ensure people aren’t transferred [...]

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