We’re Healers

We’re mad! We’re hurting! But, we’re healers, so we won’t be stopped! Colleagues, During my adolescent years, I once fell off a play structure about 12-15ft tall and landed flat on my chest.  For a few minutes (but what felt much longer), I experienced a terribly frightening sensation of being unable to either [...]

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Through Testing and Outreach AHS Supports Our Homeless Community During COVID-19

People experiencing homelessness are uniquely vulnerable to contracting COVID-19 and Alameda Health System (AHS), in collaboration with the county, has been at the forefront of providing much-needed care and testing. By Janet DeVor As a collaborating partner for Alameda County’s Project Roomkey, Damon Francis, MD and medical director for the AHS Health [...]

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First AHS Ambulatory COVID-19 Testing Site Opens at San Leandro Hospital

As part of Alameda Health System’s (AHS) comprehensive COVID-19 response and recovery plan, the system opened its first ambulatory drive-through and walk-up testing site at San Leandro Hospital (SLH) for AHS patients on Wednesday, May 13, 2020.  After being evaluated by an AHS physician, symptomatic patients who meet the criteria for COVID-19 and receive a [...]

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Joseph Peters-A Legacy of Service and Pride

“I’m just an Oakland kid who loves his city, who loves the people in the city and has a heart for this community and wants to see young people strive and do better. It was a higher perspective that my dad offered me through his job here at Highland.” [...]

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A Salute to All Our Staff

As we approach Hospital Week, we want you to know how honored and grateful we are for ALL of our staff. You are the engine that makes our motor run and without you we would not be able to meet our mission of caring, healing, teaching and serving all. Today we honor YOU for all [...]

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Strengthening Patient Experience via Technology

Alameda Health System’s Dr. Jenny Cohen has cared for her 75-year-old patient for more than five years. Diagnosed with cancer, the patient was now receiving hospice care. On their March 23 telephone visit, Dr. Cohen discovered the cancer was getting worse and she worried she would not be able to see her patient in [...]

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A Soldier on Two Fronts

From The Military War Zone to The CoronaVirus Front Line One of our own was recently featured by Good Morning America by a patient that she had cared for in the past. Fourteen years ago, Nurse Debra Muhl, was better recognized as Lieutenant Colonel Deborah Muhl. She was a highly decorative Air [...]

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A Message from DR. Ghassan for #NATIONALDOCTORSDAY

“..THANK YOU FOR YOUR DEDICATION, BRAVERY, HARD WORK AND COMMITMENT..” Dear Doctors, Today is National Doctors’ Day. I am taking this opportunity to thank you for your dedication, bravery, hard work and commitment during this unprecedented time. It is beyond imagination how our world has changed in less than a few weeks, [...]

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We Are Currently Accepting Supply Donations

Alameda Health System appreciates the overwhelming support from members of our community.  It is currently accepting supplies for use by hospital and clinic staff at Alameda Hospital, Fairmont Hospital & Rehabilitation Center, Highland Hospital, John George Psychiatric Hospital, San Leandro Hospital and its Wellness Centers. Donations can be delivered to Fairmont Hospital, Central Supply Service, [...]

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