Nursing Home Residents Fear Cuts From GOP Health Bill

Originally published in San Francisco Chronicle. By Catherine Ho July 8, 2017 Hawkins was taken to a hospital in an ambulance after a severe pulmonary episode left him unable to breathe. He was then admitted to Park Bridge, a long-term nursing facility in Alameda, where he has been living ever since. There, nurses [...]

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NPR: A Physician Explores ‘A Better Path’ to the End of Life

Originally published in National Public Radio. By Terry Gross August 9, 2017 Dr. Jessica Nutik Zitter, author of Extreme Measures, discusses the ethics of using medical assistance to hasten death. Zitter is the subject of the Netflix documentary Extremis. Transcript TERRY GROSS, HOST: This is FRESH AIR. I'm Terry Gross. My guest is a critical care [...]

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Immigrants Not Seeking Medical Care Is a Public Health Issue

Cinco de Mayo, the celebration of Mexican-American culture, reminded us that as a community, Alameda County embraces many cultures and draws strength from the diversity of our immigrants —whether newly arrived or longtime residents.  Read more.

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They Make House Calls

Originally published in Alameda Magazine. By Andrea A. Firth May 10, 2017 Alameda’s community paramedics reduce readmission rates and frequent 911 users. Patrick Corder, a firefighter and paramedic with the Alameda Fire Department and Emergency Services, doesn’t wait for people to call 911. He calls them first. On a typical Monday morning in [...]

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NPR: Doctor Takes Death Education To High School Classrooms

Originally published in National Public Radio. February 25, 2017 NPR's Michel Martin talks with Dr. Jessica Zitter about preparing high-school students to deal with end-of-life care. Zitter is a critical care and palliative medical doctor in Oakland, Calif. Transcript MICHEL MARTIN, HOST: Obviously, in our line of work, we value people who can [...]

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Dan Krauss’ Oscar-Nominated ‘Extremis’ Faces End-of-Life Decisions

Originally posted in KQED. By Michael Fox February 22, 2017 Documentary filmmakers regularly venture into crisis zones to show us conditions in remote locations that we’ll never visit. But they also serve an important function when the situation they cover is closer to home and one we’re likely to experience, such as the [...]

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Hospitals, communities team up to tackle health inequity

Originally published in FierceHealthcare. By Paige Minemyer January 13, 2017 Improving health equity and care access for underserved populations requires contributions from a variety of stakeholders both in and outside of the healthcare industry, and a new report has compiled several success stories that provide a blueprint for other areas to follow. The report, titled “Communities in Action: Pathways [...]

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Moving from Stigma to Science in Treating Addiction

Originally published in California Health Care Foundation. By Xenia Shih Bion December 17, 2016 Despite the availability of new ways to treat millions of people trapped by addiction to opioids, the news has not been good. “The epidemic of deaths involving opioids continues to worsen,” said Tom Frieden, director of the US Centers [...]

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