The Importance of 340B

More than 4,000 patients receive life-saving medications and other services through Alameda Health System’s leveraging of the federal 340B program, which provides free or significantly reduced price drugs. 340B requires pharmaceutical companies to give discounts to hospitals and clinics that serve high volumes of low-income patients. As a result, AHS saves about $15 million [...]

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Alameda Health Teaching Public How to Stop Bleeding

Originally published on ABCNews7. March 16, 2018 By Laura Anthony OAKLAND, CALIF. (KGO) -- It's a timely subject unfortunately and the Alameda Health System is taking the lead when it comes to preparing people for the unthinkable, like the mass casualty disaster or an active shooter. In Oakland, a Highland Hospital trauma nurse demonstrated how [...]

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AHS Triples Rate of Colorectal Cancer Screenings

The bad news is nearly 50,000 Americans will die this year from colorectal cancer (CRC), the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States. The good news is it also one of the most preventable cancers if detected early. Alameda Health System (AHS) has saved untold lives over the past seven years [...]

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Alameda Health System-Highland Hospital Receives Prestigious International Award

Baby-Friendly USA, announces that Alameda Health System-Highland Hospital has received prestigious international recognition as a Re-Designated Baby-Friendly birth facility. Baby-Friendly USA, Inc is the U.S. authority for the implementation of the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative (“BFHI”), a global program sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). The initiative encourages [...]

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Old Practices Now New — Traditional Chinese Medicine Residency Program at Highland Hospital

Alameda Health System-Highland Hospital is the first hospital in the country to offer traditional Chinese medicine residency program. Here acupuncture and clinical medical residents side-by-side learn effective pain management techniques in various areas, including the Emergency Department, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), the Birthing Center and the oncology infusion clinic. Tom Kehl is the TCM [...]

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After Mass Shootings, This Training Can Save Lives

Originally published on KQED By Laura Klivans FEBRUARY 15, 2018 Nurse practitioner Tina Quon clicked through a gory slideshow with images of wounds and squirting blood. She paused, looking to her roughly 25 trainees at Oakland’s Highland Hospital. She asked for ideas about what to use as a makeshift tourniquet. Someone called out, “a [...]

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Your Heart Needs Love Too

Cupid allegedly has magic powers that can help people fall in love. When Sophie Barbant, MD, trained cardiologist was asked what medical magic power she would like to possess, she said she would give everyone equal access to care. Flying chubby babies are cute, but what’s not cute, is heart attack. “2,000 people die every [...]

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Adopt-a-Spot Recap

On Saturday, February 3, 2018, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf joined Alameda Health System executives, board members and staff as they extended their service and commitment to the community beyond the AHS Highland Hospital Campus in a neighborhood clean-up event. “You all do healthcare well, but I am glad you are taking a holistic approach [...]

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Alameda Health System to Begin $200M Epic Implementation Project

Originally published in EHR Intelligence By Kate Monica January 26, 2018 - The Alameda Health System (AHS) Board of Trustees recently approved a $200 million Epic implementation project to improve care coordination for the 1,100 physicians part of the health system. The fully-integrated Epic EHR system will enable physicians at the Oakland-based health system [...]

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Effort to Train Bystanders in Emergency Situations Comes to Highland Hospital

Originally aired on KQED's California Report By Laura Klivans CPR and First Aid. These are trainings you need to help people in a medical emergency, like when someone passes out on a bus. But what if that emergency is a mass shooting like what happened in Las Vegas or San Bernadino? This story is [...]

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