Acupuncture can lower ICU patients’ pain, study finds

Originally published in Becker's Hospital Review. October 12, 2016 Pain is one of the most common complaints intensive care unit patients have, and acupuncture may be an inexpensive and drug-free way to ease that issue, according to a small study from Oakland, Calif.-based Highland Hospital. Thirty patients in the hospital's medical/surgical ICU participated [...]

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Alameda Health System Honors Long-Serving Employees

Health System Contact Jerri Randrup 510-437-4732 Media Contact Kyle McGuire 925-790-2788 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 10, 2016 Alameda Health System Honors Long-Serving Employees Caregivers Across the System Celebrated for Career Milestones Oakland, Calif. (October 10, 2016) – Alameda Health System (AHS) recently celebrated its employees for their dedication and commitment to its mission of caring, [...]

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$668M Highland Hospital renovation earns eco-friendly certification

Originally published in KRON4. By Allison Weeks October 10, 2016 OAKLAND (KRON)---The U.S. Green Council will recognize Highland Hospital in Oakland on Tuesday for its $668 million dollar eco-friendly renovations, according to Alameda County officials. The two new facilities will receive a national gold certificate from the council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental [...]

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Blog: Behind the documentary that tackles end-of-life care

Originally published in Modern Healthcare. By Adam Rubenfire & Jaclyn Schiff September 16, 2016 For most hospital administrators, the idea of allowing filmmakers to roam the halls of the ICU is probably no more appealing than getting into the nitty-gritty of their compensation. But uncomfortable situations can yield powerful results, which must have been [...]

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Netflix Documentary Features Heartbreaking End-of-Life Care Decisions at an Oakland Hospital

Originally published in KQED. By Lisa Fine September 13, 2016 When is more medical care helpful in end-of-life situations and when does it just lead to more suffering? How do you know when it's time to let someone you love pass away naturally? These choices are heart-wrenching for patients, families, and their doctors. [...]

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High-Tech Gift Strengthens Alameda Health System’s Ability to Serve All

Contact Kyle McGuire 925-790-2788 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Sep. 8, 2016 High-Tech Gift Strengthens Alameda Health System’s Ability to Serve All Alameda Health System, Kaiser Permanente, and East Bay Community Foundation team up for new technology Oakland, Calif. (Sep. 8, 2016) – Alameda Health System Foundation (AHSF) today announced a historic advancement in increasing access to [...]

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A Program to Rapidly Test for Hepatitis C

Originally published in Physician's Weekly. By Douglas A.E. White, MD August 31, 2016 An ED screening and diagnostic testing program found a high prevalence of hepatitis C. Results suggest that continued efforts are needed to develop and evaluate policies for ED-based hepatitis C screening. Hepatitis C virus affects about 3 million Americans and [...]

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