Acupuncture can lower ICU patients’ pain, study finds

Originally published in Becker’s Hospital Review.

October 12, 2016

Pain is one of the most common complaints intensive care unit patients have, and acupuncture may be an inexpensive and drug-free way to ease that issue, according to a small study from Oakland, Calif.-based Highland Hospital.

Thirty patients in the hospital’s medical/surgical ICU participated in the three-day study. Their self-reported pain scores dropped by 2.35 points with no reported adverse effects.

Further, acupuncture treatment had the following results:

  • 75 percent of patients reported a reduction in pain and nausea
  • 59 percent reported reduction of anxiety and other positive effects
  • 81 percent would recommend acupuncture to other hospitalized patients
  • 91 percent had an overall positive experience

Edited on June 14, 2018.

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