Tracy Jensen

<< Back to Board of Trustees Tracy Jensen is a director with the City of Alameda Health Care District Board, which oversees a $6 million parcel tax for Alameda Hospital’s operations and long-term investments, and co-chairs the District Board’s Community Relations and Outreach Committee. Trustee Jensen also develops programs, policies [...]

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Joe DeVries

<< Back to Board of Trustees Joe DeVries, appointed to the board in 2014, coordinates multi-agency response teams in the Oakland City Administrator’s Office to address neighborhood concerns about public safety and public works. Trustee DeVries also represents the city administrator in various community engagement efforts and serves as staff [...]

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Louis Chicoine

<< Back to Board of Trustees Mr. Chicoine is the Executive Director of Abode Services and was appointed to a three-year term on the Board of Trustees in 2017. Abode Services is one of the Bay Area’s largest providers of housing services to the homeless. Under Chicoine’s leadership for more [...]

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Dr. Taft Bhuket

<< Back to Board of Trustees Dr. Taft Bhuket is the Chief of Gastroenterology & Hepatology and the Director of the Endoscopy Unit at Alameda Health System’s Highland Hospital. Since joining the Alameda Health System Medical Staff in 2008, Dr. Bhuket has served the organization in a variety of committee [...]

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Kinkini Banerjee

<< Back to Board of Trustees Kinkini Banerjee Kinkini Banerjee, appointed to the board in March 2014, is a women’s and children’s advocate who is principal at Sage Transformations, a public health consulting firm in San Leandro. She also works with the U.S. Breastfeeding Committee on [...]

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Maria G. Hernández – Secretary

<< Back to Board of Trustees Dr. Maria Hernandez is President and Chief Operating Officer of Impact4Health, a California firm focused on healthcare innovations to advance health equity.  The firm's primary services include consultation on strategy, talent development, and patient and community engagement to reduce health outcome disparities. Impact4Health is the [...]

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Ross Peterson – Vice President

<< Back to Board of Trustees Ross Peterson brings to the AHS board expertise in fiscal management, in addition to a strong background in behavioral health and government relations based on senior leadership roles with Telecare Corp., a national behavioral health company, and with Alameda County, including serving as Chief [...]

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