Medi-Cal dental coverage to be partially restored, but not until May

Originally published in The Mercury News. By Sandt Kleffman July 5, 2013 LeAna Powell, already missing two front teeth, has so much pain from several molars that she pops pain pills routinely and tries to eat only soft food. She thought it would be OK to munch some popcorn, but when she tried [...]

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Pain control without dangerous drugs

Originally published in SF Chronicle. By Victoria Colliver June 4, 2013 (06-06) 17:16 PDT SAN FRANCISCO -- Jenelle Prins doesn't envision ever being able to live without taking at least some medication to help her cope with chronic pain due to the skeletal and shoulder injuries she suffered from a car accident in 1988 [...]

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Doctors Fear HIV Patients Will Fall Through Cracks As Obamacare Rolls Out

Originally published in KQED. By Lisa Aliferis April 26, 2013 Public health implications as people who stop taking HIV medications can quickly become infectious. A major goal of the federal health care law is that millions of people who currently do not have health insurance will have improved access to care. But the [...]

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Hope Center clinic serves ‘super users’

Originally published in SF Chronicle. By Drew Joseph March 24, 2013 Hervy Luster's blood pressure flashed 133/86. The top figure had been above 150 a few weeks prior. "That's awesome," said Dr. Dave Moskowitz. "The garlic is working," Luster, 59, said with a laugh, explaining he had eaten lots of garlic lately. "Not [...]

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Palliative therapy teams coordinate care

Originally published in SFGate. By Victoria Colliver March 12, 2013 Gloria Romaine has advanced, inoperable cancer, but hospice was never a consideration for the 61-year-old San Leandro woman. Romaine is not ready for an end-of-life strategy. She's actively fighting her cancer and wants help managing her pain. When her doctors at Oakland's Highland Hospital mentioned [...]

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Falls drop after prevention clinic

Originally published in SFGate. By Victoria Colliver July 25, 2012 Henrietta Petty has taken a few tumbles in her home but never had to be hospitalized for injuries related to those mishaps - and the 70-year-old Oakland woman intends to keep it that way. Petty, on the advice of her primary-care physician, attended a [...]

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Oakland pediatric obesity program added groceries

Originally published in SFGate. By Victoria Colliver February 22, 2012 Dr. Robert Savio gave 10-year-old Yazmin Peña and her 7-year-old sister, Esmeralda, high-fives as he shared results of the girls' test results from a pilot project on pediatric obesity at Alameda County's Highland General Hospital in Oakland. Yazmin's triglycerides, a type of fat found in the blood, [...]

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