Alameda Health System’s Acute Rehabilitation Unit Moves to San Leandro Hospital

Alameda Health System (AHS) announced today that it will be moving its Acute Rehabilitation Unit (ARU) from its current location at Fairmont Hospital, to San Leandro Hospital. The move completes a $27 million reconstruction project of the San Leandro facility which began in March of 2018. The newly designed space will provide patients with access to acute rehabilitation care as well as traditional hospital services in one location.

“The extensive renovations have significantly enhanced our acute rehabilitation unit and exemplify our commitment to providing high quality care and services to the community,” said COO Luis Fonseca. “Moving rehab services to the new, larger space and implementation of state-of-the-art technology will have an immediate impact on care delivery and our patients’ experience during their recovery.”

With a capacity of 28 beds, the new location provides expanded patient access and state-of-the-art equipment and services. The renovated unit features spacious rooms with upgraded beds, ADA compliant bathrooms, and individual televisions, all of which are expected to contribute to a more comfortable and improved patient experience.

Patient and employee safety was also of primary consideration with the renovations. Designated rooms now have overhead lifts that will decrease the likelihood of patient falls and physical strain on staff. Other features include a new gymnasium with a ZeroG system that suspends patients via a tether system and enables them to practice walking without the fear of falling. The space also includes a newly designed rooftop therapeutic area that will allow patients to participate in physical therapy in a scenic outdoor setting.

An open house and ribbon cutting will be held on November 13 to introduce the community to the new facility. Elected officials and county leaders will tour the new facilities and be among the first to view the rehabilitation unit upgrades.

AHS plans to move patients into the new San Leandro Hospital Acute Rehabilitation Unit in December 2019.

Jeanne Herrera

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