The triangularly shaped Wilma Chan Highland Hospital Campus on 14th Avenue in East Oakland is built on a gentle hill, with the newer, sleek glass towers housing the emergency room and acute care at the top, and the institution’s old Spanish Baroque halls, built in 1927 and topped with ornate cupolas, at the bottom. Many of the patient rooms, offices, and hallways have panoramic views of this courtyard, which fills up at lunchtime each day with doctors, nurses, other staff, and visitors. And for the past several months, a pair of red-tailed hawks have put on a show for Highland, perching like sentries on the rooftops around the courtyard, scanning the ground, gracefully swooping between trees—and dive-bombing prey.

You may have heard of U.C. Berkeley’s celebrity falcons. Now it seems Oakland’s Highland Hospital has its own fine-feathered story to tell. The regal couple raised a nest of chicks this spring, delighting staff and patients.

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