The Oaklandside Features AHS’s COVID-19 Memory Archive

Launched the day the national COVID emergency was lifted, the multimedia project chronicles the experiences of health care workers during the pandemic’s toughest days. Originally published on The Oaklandside. Anh Ho, an EKG technician at the Wilma Chan Highland Hospital Campus in East Oakland, has not forgotten what it felt like to contract COVID-19 for [...]

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Meet Stormy and Sunny, Highland Hospital’s hawks.

Originally published on The Oaklandside. Earlier this year we were tipped off by staff at the Wilma Chan Highland Hospital Campus that a pair of red tail hawks, which had been living there for a few years, was thriving and had given birth to several chicks, raising them in a nest high atop a big [...]

Help us name the red-tailed hawks keeping watch over Highland Hospital.

Those who discover the interior courtyard of the Wilma Chan Highland Hospital Campus are often surprised to find one of Oakland’s most serene gardens and havens for birdwatching just yards from the commotion of the Highland Hospital Emergency Department. The courtyard is nestled between Highland’s historic architecture to the South, an ornate Spanish Baroque building [...]

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The Red-Tailed Hawks Keeping Watch over Highland Hospital

The triangularly shaped Wilma Chan Highland Hospital Campus on 14th Avenue in East Oakland is built on a gentle hill, with the newer, sleek glass towers housing the emergency room and acute care at the top, and the institution’s old Spanish Baroque halls, built in 1927 and topped with ornate cupolas, at the bottom. Many of [...]

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