The Power of Patient-Centered Care

Jody Reshaw had a successful career working in corporate kitchens and catering when she found herself struggling to walk or stand without debilitating pain in her legs and feet. Forced to put her culinary passion on hold, Reshaw found a supportive health care team at Alameda Health System (AHS) who continue to empower her on [...]

AHS Providers Say New iPads for Interpretation Are a ‘Game Changer’

A new supply of iPads equipped with video interpreter services is making it easier for patients who don't speak English to communicate with their providers at Alameda Health System (AHS). "They are a complete revolution for the Emergency Department," said Dr. Jeffrey Herrala, an emergency medicine physician at The Wilma Chan Highland Hospital Campus. Alameda [...]

Spinal Cord Stimulator Program Nothing Less Than a Miracle

In September 2022 spinal cord stimulation therapy was first approved for use at Alameda Health System (AHS) and it represents an important and innovative option in the treatment of chronic pain. For patient Elena Torres, it has freed her from being trapped by agonizing pain and dependence on opioid medications. “It’s nothing less than a [...]