Highland dermatologist changing status quo on skin diseases in Black patients

Research shows skin diseases are often overlooked in Black patients because they look different on skin of color than they do on white skin. The impact can be deadly. Alameda Health System Dermatology Chief Dr. Leon Clark is working to change that. He spoke to KTVU about his commitment to treating health disparities in Black [...]

Why is skin disease often misdiagnosed and untreated in Black patients?

Alameda Health System Dermatology Chief Dr. Leon Clark on tackling health disparities, rebuilding patient trust, and caring for black and brown skin Dr. Leon Clark was perplexed when a patient walked into his dermatology clinic with large blisters on his skin. It wasn’t the diagnosis that stumped him – he immediately identified the rash as [...]

David Saÿen named president of the Alameda Health System Board of Trustees

Saÿen, the former regional administrator at the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, has deep leadership expertise in the health care field and beyond OAKLAND, Calif., Jan. 16, 2024 -- Alameda Health System (AHS) announced on Wednesday, Jan. 10 that David Saÿen has been named president of the AHS Board of Trustees. The board is charged with [...]

James Jackson: Gun violence is a growing public health crisis

AHS CEO James Jackson is among a growing chorus of health experts who describe gun violence as a public health crisis. In a KFF interview published on CNN, he discusses the disproportionate impact of violence on some Alameda County communities. Plus, AHS HealthPath intern Javier Velasquez Lopez shares why a school shooting made him want [...]

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