James Jackson: Gun violence is a growing public health crisis

AHS CEO James Jackson is among a growing chorus of health experts who describe gun violence as a public health crisis. In a KFF interview published on CNN, he discusses the disproportionate impact of violence on some Alameda County communities. Plus, AHS HealthPath intern Javier Velasquez Lopez shares why a school shooting made him want [...]

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AHS CEO James Jackson Speaks to KTVU About Rising Gun Violence

AHS CEO James Jackson spoke with KTVU Thursday night about the growing gun violence crisis, which has significantly worsened since 2020. The interview comes after a bloody July 4 weekend that saw numerous mass shootings around the nation, including one locally in Hayward, Calif. On July 5, a group of U.S. lawmakers sent a letter [...]

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‘We should not accept this’: Highland hospital leaders demand action to curb gun violence.

Highland Hospital saw about twice as many gunshot wounds in 2022 and 2021 than it did the previous two years. AHS CEO James Jackson and Chief of Trauma Dr. Timothy Browder were on KTVU Fox 2 to sound the alarm. “This level of violence is new, and I won’t accept it as a new norm,” [...]

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‘I’m a son of Oakland’: AHS CEO James Jackson in a news conference addressing gun violence.

AHS CEO James Jackson called a press conference following a shooting at Oakland’s Rudsdale Newcomer High School that wounded six people. "We’ve seen almost a doubling of the violent crimes here at our facility. So something has changed. I’m a son of Oakland. I grew up in Oakland... I’m calling on community leaders, and I’m [...]

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Alameda Health System Reports Increased Gun Violence

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Alameda Health System Reports Increased Gun Violence The East Bay public health system is sounding the alarm as incidents of gunshot wounds continue to rise. Sep. 29, 2022, Oakland, CA— Alameda Health System’s Highland Hospital received three victims of the gun violence that broke out in Oakland on Wednesday afternoon, Sep. 28. [...]

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