The Quirky Turkeys of the Fairmont Campus

Everyone who works at Alameda Health System’s Fairmont Rehabilitation and Wellness campus has had a run-in with them – the flocks of wild turkeys who roam the campus grounds. Some people love our quirky turkeys, others loath them. In honor of Thanksgiving, here’s a round-up of employee stories detailing mostly benign, often cute, occasionally terrifying [...]

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Building Better Lives for Patients with Mental Illness

Ensuring that every patient has equal opportunity to achieve optimal mental health and wellbeing is the cornerstone of Alameda Health System’s (AHS) outpatient behavioral health services (OBHS) at the Wilma Chan Highland Hospital Campus (WCHHC) and Fairmont Rehabilitation and Wellness. “The collective goal of our OBHS staff is to create a compassionate, equitable and culturally [...]

Welcome Home to South Shore

The sentiment of ‘Welcome Home’ has been strongly felt by both patients and staff at South Shore this month, as both were happy to return to a newly-renovated facility. Last year, aging pipes with backflow issues and breaks were discovered which needed upgrading, and so the facility underwent an emergency transfer to Fairmont Rehabilitation and [...]