In the news: AHS physicians offer free health screenings to Oakland’s oldest Black motorcycle club

Kim Cloud thought he was going in for a quick routine checkup a few years ago. Instead, they found prostate cancer. "I'm cancer-free because I caught it in time," said Cloud, who is vice president of the East Bay Dragons, the West Coast's oldest Black motorcycle club. It's just one of many reasons Cloud [...]

Why is skin disease often misdiagnosed and untreated in Black patients?

Alameda Health System Dermatology Chief Dr. Leon Clark on tackling health disparities, rebuilding patient trust, and caring for black and brown skin Dr. Leon Clark was perplexed when a patient walked into his dermatology clinic with large blisters on his skin. It wasn’t the diagnosis that stumped him – he immediately identified the rash as [...]

Newly Launched Sexual Assault Response and Recovery Team (SARRT) Webpage

For more than 38 years, the Sexual Assault Response and Recovery Team (SARRT) has been serving Alameda Health System patients at the Wilma Chan Highland Hospital Campus (WCHHC). SARRT is a unique hospital and clinic-based program that addresses both domestic violence (DV) and sexual assault (SA). Being the sole program of its kind in [...]

Welcome Home to South Shore

The sentiment of ‘Welcome Home’ has been strongly felt by both patients and staff at South Shore this month, as both were happy to return to a newly-renovated facility. Last year, aging pipes with backflow issues and breaks were discovered which needed upgrading, and so the facility underwent an emergency transfer to Fairmont Rehabilitation and [...]

Substance Use Treatment Program Graduation

AHS's Substance Use Treatment Program has established an impressive legacy spanning over 25 years. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, this year marked the program's second in-person graduation. Our dedicated team of therapists, navigators, case managers, childcare coordinators, community health outreach workers, substance use counselors, and administrative professionals collaborates to provide unwavering support to [...]