AHS’s Substance Use Treatment Program has established an impressive legacy spanning over 25 years. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, this year marked the program’s second in-person graduation. Our dedicated team of therapists, navigators, case managers, childcare coordinators, community health outreach workers, substance use counselors, and administrative professionals collaborates to provide unwavering support to individuals during one of the most arduous periods of their lives.

As participants progress through our program, leveraging the expertise of our staff and the camaraderie of their peers, they experience a profound transformation, gaining stability and confidence in their recovery journey. We acknowledge this remarkable passage by commemorating their achievements through our bi-annual graduation ceremony. Past graduates, testament to the program’s efficacy, graciously return to share their experiences and inspire both current clients and new graduates.

During these joyous occasions, we revel in the festivities, marked by delectable food, uplifting music, enticing swag bags, and infectious laughter. It is these cherished moments that serve as a constant reminder for our staff to persist in their noble endeavors.

The success of the program continues to be a source of motivation, compelling us to forge ahead in our mission to empower individuals and foster lasting change.