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Other health systems serve some – We serve all.

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Other health systems heal – We train, teach and lead.

Other health systems provide health care – We educate and enable people to better care for themselves.

Other health systems support the community – We are the community.

Important: Changes to Medi-Cal rules are coming May 1, 2022! Medi-Cal will be available to all people who are 50 years of age or older who meet all Medi-Cal eligibility criteria, and immigration status will not matter. These changes will also let people keep more property and qualify for Medi-Cal.  Contact Alameda County Social Services to apply and find out more.

Importante: ¡Cambios a las reglas de Medi-Cal vienen el 1 de Mayo del 2022! Medi-Cal estará disponible para todas las personas de 50 años o mayores que cumplan con todos los criterios de elegibilidad de Medi-Cal, y el estatus migratorio no importará. Estos cambios también permitirán que las personas mantengan más propiedades y califiquen para Medi-Cal.  Comuníquese con los Servicios Sociales del Condado de Alameda para solicitar y obtener más información.


‘I’m a son of Oakland’: AHS CEO James Jackson in a news conference addressing gun violence.

AHS CEO James Jackson called a press conference following a shooting at Oakland’s Rudsdale Newcomer High School that wounded six people. "We’ve seen almost a doubling of the violent crimes [...]