The babies born at Alameda Health System’s Family Birthing Center on Feb. 29 have rare birthdays that will only come around every four years.

Luz Sanchez gave birth to her baby girl, Dayami, at 6:27 a.m.

“This is the day I did not want to give birth,” Sanchez said. “She’s not going to have a birthday every year.”

But the arrangement may work out well for Dayami. Sanchez said the family will celebrate her birthday on Feb. 28 during regular years, and on leap years she will get two birthdays, one on Feb. 28 and one on Feb. 29.

Jacob, baby Dayami’s older brother, was elated about the arrival of his baby sister. He promised to be an extra good brother.

“I’m so excited because when the baby drinks milk she goes [slurping noises],” he said with a smile.

Baby Katana, born to Ajee Salazar, will get one birthday every year, celebrated on Feb. 28 during regular years and Feb. 29 on leap years. Salazar said Katana’s older brother wouldn’t find it very fair if his little sister got two birthdays.

“He would be so mad,” she said.

Salazar said she had a very quick labor, giving birth only a half hour after her water broke.

“I’m just excited to not be pregnant anymore,” she said.

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