Kinkini Banerjee

Kinkini is a strategist, collaborator and network weaver, passionate about cultivating relationships of trust and radical reciprocity and convening change agents across sectors, issues and identities to engage the deepest conditions of systems change. She brings over two decades of leadership in clinical and public health practice and policy advocacy to catalyze solutions rooted in intersectional justice. She is the Founder and Principal of Sage Transformations, and partners with government, philanthropy, academia, social movements, communities, nonprofit organizations and corporations to bring about the organizational and leadership transformations necessary to advance social, health, education and economic justice. Her expertise involves working in the interstitial spaces between sectors as she believes that is where the greatest potential for transformations lie.

Kinkini is the President of the Board of Trustees of Alameda Health System, a $1.3B enterprise, guiding the anchor institution’s diverse, multi-objective, patient and community-centered efforts to push upstream with cultural, structural and system-wide transformations to advance health equity and justice. She leads a number of governance imperatives with the Board Executive team, and is the liaison to AHS’ Health Equity Diversity and Inclusion steering committee advising efforts to operationalize equity in every element of AHS’ functioning and build a seamless, integrated, equitable continuum of care across the life course.

As the Director of Coalitions at the United States Breastfeeding Committee (USBC), she guided USBC’s coalition building and Collective impact initiative to improve public health and healthcare services, and to shape and advance policy for birth and first food justice. Kinkini co-led USBC’s DEI, belonging, and justice journey, supporting shifts in organizational cultures, structures and norms, and building strategic partnerships with social justice movements to advance racial justice and health equity in maternal and child health. At the California WIC Association, her role involved cultivating partnerships, stewarding networks, and designing convenings and communities of practice to advance policy, systems and environment changes at local, state and national levels on a range of issues impacting the health and economic well-being of children, women and birthing people, families and communities.

As the Director of Community-Centered Design and Network in the Education Initiative of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI), a philanthropy with a Whole Child approach to student success, Kinkini managed a significant portfolio of partnerships and grants that eliminated silos between research, practice, grassroots movements, youth, families, communities, and policy advocacy. Within the CZI team, she facilitated adopting a social movement orientation and network leadership mindsets, deepening praxis and practice for intersectional approaches. She continues to advise Philanthropies to practice values-aligned solidarity economics, and re-imagine their roles by building accountabilities for respectful, responsive, restorative, regenerative and just transitions of capital, power, resources and economic control to communities.

She is a Past President of the Board of Building Futures, which emphasized programs and services to end homelessness and family violence among women and families with children. Kinkini is in a multi-year community of practice convened by the Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples with Indigenous and non-Indigenous social and organizational change practitioners working globally in philanthropy, health, higher education, gender and economic justice, to deepen and amplify our learning and practices to support, sustain and rebuild Indigenous values, practices and relationships to advance ecological justice.

Fortunate to belong in a beloved global community of practitioners, Kinkini is committed to cultivating conditions which center the wisdom, leadership and decision making power of marginalized individuals and communities, and build leaderful ecosystems that advance new narratives and co-create just futures. With a deep, personal conviction of the interconnectedness of destinies, she strives every day to facilitate and actively support the convergence of people, movements, and sectors.