Nely Obligacion

<< Back to Board of Trustees Nely Obligacion is the Deputy Director of Advocacy and Internal Organizing for SEIU Local 1021. She has been employed with SEIU Local 1021. She coordinates with stakeholders to develop programs and strategic campaigns that engage members in building the political power of the [...]

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David W Saÿen

<< Back to Board of Trustees David is the former Regional Administrator at the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services.  As an independent consultant, he advises investors and clients on government contracting, compliance, business development, and strategy. He has deep leadership expertise, as a former member of the [...]

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Jet Chapman

<< Back to Board of Trustees Jet Chapman is the Chief Human Resources Administrator for Alameda County Health Care Services Agency (HCSA), which consists of four departments: Public Health, Behavioral Health, Environmental Health, and Office of Agency Director.  She has been employed with Alameda County since 2014.   Chapman provides management and direction [...]

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Mark Friedman

<< Back to Board of Trustees Mark Friedman is CEO of the Eden Health District which serves 350,000 residents of the Eden area in Alameda County with pandemic related and other health services.  He is the past CEO of the Thomas J. Long Foundation where he led a major [...]

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Sblend A. Sblendorio

<< Back to Board of Trustees  Sblend’spractice focuses exclusively on real estate, commercial, and finance matters. He assists his clients nationwide with real estate, land use, commercial negotiations, bankruptcy, and insolvency. Sblend has negotiated land use entitlements in the Bay Area for a couple of decades with an emphasis [...]

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Alan E. Fox

<< Back to Board of Trustees Recently retired, Alan Fox was a career finance executive in the healthcare and health sciences industry.  For 26 years he served as a hospital chief financial officer, first with Alta Bates-Summit Medical Center in Berkeley/Oakland, Sutter Health affiliates, and later with Saint Francis [...]

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Dr. Taft Bhuket

<< Back to Board of Trustees Dr. Taft Bhuket is the Chief of Gastroenterology & Hepatology and the Director of the Endoscopy Unit at Alameda Health System’s Highland Hospital. Since joining the Alameda Health System Medical Staff in 2008, Dr. Bhuket has served the organization in a variety of committee [...]

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