Join us in celebrating the work, dedication and compassionate health care of our team of Physician Assistants at Alameda Health System!

AHS currently employs 60+ PAs in multiple specialties including ER, Orthopedics, General Surgery, Neurosurgery, Pain Clinic, Department of Maternal and Child Health, Adult Medicine, Cardiology, Urology, Palliative Care, Pulmonology, Addiction Medicine and Gastroenterology. PAs are an integral part of the patient care team, and are trained to provide a high level of medical care.  PAs at AHS are known for their keen clinical skills, meticulous medical history taking, warm bedside manner, and empathic care. PAs are also fierce patient advocates, serving as a vital liaison between physicians and patients.  According to the Harris poll, 88% of U.S. adults say PAs improve the quality of healthcare.


Fun Facts about PAs at AHS:

  • Our most seasoned PA has been at AHS for 33 years (Hats off to Hillary Larkin, Lead PA/Emergency Medicine!)
  • Nearly half of our PAs work in our AHS Emergency Medicine departments
  • AHS PAs speak many languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Cantonese, Amharic and Korean
  • AHS PAs have volunteered abroad in multiple countries, including Haiti, Honduras, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, Mongolia, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka
  • AHS PAs have fellowships in Emergency Medicine, Migrant Health, and Psychiatry. Our lead Palliative Care PA, Linda Bulman, is distinguished faculty for Vital Talks, a program that teaches clinicians how to communicate effectively with patients and families with serious illness

Meet some of our Physician Assistants!


Denae Reed, PA-C Department of Emergency Medicine

Denae has been practicing as an Emergency Medicine PA for 24+ years. She is proud to be able to serve the community she grew up in. Practicing emergency medicine allows Denae to address acute issues and provide instant care to those in urgent need. Denae likes to travel (recently to Ghana) watch professional and collegiate sports, and spend time with  her family. She has a passion for mentorship, mentoring PA students from Samuel Merritt University, She also participates in Mentorship in Medicine and Science, an organization that allows exposure to medicine through summer internships.


Shivaun McDonald, PA-C,  Department of Medicine/ Primary Care

As a PA in Primary Care for more than 25 years, Shivaun still thrives in her chosen field.  Shivaun most cherishes the relationships she has developed with her patients over time, some for decades!  While primary care work can be challenging, especially with a panel of nearly 600 patients, Shivaun credits much of her resilience and success in K6 Adult Med to the partnership she has with her long term MA, Alma Pacheco. With Alma’s tenacity and unmitigated desire to help people, and Shivaun’s commitment to and deep connection with her patients, this team works together to help patients achieve better health, get much needed resources, and make patients feel safe, listened to and cared for.


Martha Georgis PA-C, Neurosurgery

In honor of PA week, we are highlighting the amazing work our PAs do.  For Martha, work literally is brain surgery!  As a neurosurgical PA at AHS for 5 years, Martha assists in both brain and spine cases, and also manages patients in the ER, ICU and outpatient clinic.  Martha appreciates the flexibility that the PA profession allows.  When not examining, diagnosing and treating patients, you will find Martha enjoying concerts, scuba diving and playing with her puppy.


PAs as Mentors

In this AHS “PA Family Photo” are four physician assistants who through mentorship and example, each inspired the next to pursue a career at AHS and to make a difference in the healthcare of our patient community. From left, Lauri Paolinetti (retired from ER, 29 years), Larry Barden (Surgery, 20 years), Ingrid Pampalone (ENT, 12 years), and Em Eisenberg (Neurosurgery, 5 years).