Over 1200 People Become Moms at the Family Birthing Center Each Year

Don’t forget to call the moms, grandmoms, or mom figures in your life this weekend. Sunday is Mother’s Day 2022!

This year, we’d like to celebrate Mother’s Day by honoring The Family Birthing Center staff who help 1200 people become moms every year. Thank you to the entire birthing center team who work tirelessly to provide a safe, holistic, patient-centered space to deliver babies. If you know any Bay Area moms, there’s a good chance that some of them started their journey to motherhood at The Family Birthing Center.

Birthing people don’t just deliver babies at The Family Birthing Center, they also take advantage of wrap-around services like CenteringPregnancy prenatal care where moms with similar due dates meet in group settings to help each other prepare. In addition, BELovedBIRTH Black Centering provides a Black-centered approach to perinatal care that honors and celebrates Black women. The birthing center also offers postpartum care and lactation support for moms in the hours and days after birth.

“I felt really safe,” said new mom Erin Eastabrooks. “It was just totally women-oriented, the midwives were really supportive, and it was everything I wanted.”

Parents and babies leave the birthing center with a care package of essentials such as diapers, wipes, and onesies. Our devoted volunteers even knit adorable hats and sew quilts for mom and baby to bring home. No family drives away from the hospital without a car seat for their newborn. Families who cannot afford a car seat are provided one, thanks to generous donations to The Family Birthing Center.

AHS is honored to be the birthplace of thousands in the Bay Area and beyond. The Family Birthing Center is truly a community touchstone for so many moms. Thank you, birthing center staff, and happy Mother’s Day.

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