Nursing Philosophy

Our Vision:

Highest quality services for every person, every day, in every encounter.

Our Goal:

The nursing division seeks to support the mission and vision of Alameda Health System and build excellence in service through development and implementation of strategies that will “relieve anxiety during the healing process” for every person involved.

Strategic Direction:

Patient Focused Care

  • Recognize the patient or designee as the source of control and a full partner in providing compassionate and coordinated care based on respect for patient’s preferences, values, and needs.
    • Enhanced collaboration and interdisciplinary teamwork.
  • Create an environment that allows the collective knowledge, resources, and skills of each team member to flourish.
    • Clinical scholarship and professional development.
  • Promote evidenced-based practice in the clinical setting.
    • Create an environment for advanced education and enhanced clinical expertise
  • Innovation and a culture of discovery.
    • Design and implement new and innovative processes that drive continuous performance improvement.
  • Shared governance and professional accountability.
    • Promote an environment in which clinical nurses have a voice in determining nursing practice, standards, and quality of care and are willing to take complete responsibility for nursing practice, patient care quality, and outcomes.

Shared Governance and Professional Accountability

We recognize that the nursing profession is vital to the success of any health care organization. As such, we commit to be self governing, ensuring that we are personally accountable to represent ourselves, the profession, and the medical center in the most positive light.  We also respect the magnitude of our responsibilities with respect to evidence-based practice, education and research, professional development, peer review, quality and safety, finance, and policy and practice.

Note: The Nursing Advisory Council structure will be consistent. Location-based advisory councils at John George and Fairmont and for Ambulatory Services will report to the organizational Nursing Advisory Council.


It is the desire of the professionals in the nursing division to be positive contributors to patients’ care by providing the highest quality and compassionate care to the residents of Alameda County optimizing resource use to ensure that all who desire care can obtain it regardless of their ability to pay.