Nursing Home Residents Fear Cuts From GOP Health Bill

Originally published in San Francisco Chronicle. By Catherine Ho July 8, 2017 Hawkins was taken to a hospital in an ambulance after a severe pulmonary episode left him unable to breathe. He was then admitted to Park Bridge, a long-term nursing facility in Alameda, where he has been living ever since. There, nurses [...]

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Funding reopens dental services to low-income patients

Originally published in SFGate. By Victoria Colliver May 2, 2014 Millions of low-income Californians on Thursday regained many of the dental services they lost five years ago during state budget cuts that virtually eliminated non-emergency dental benefits for adults. When the state's fiscal health improved, Gov. Jerry Brown last year agreed to resume funding Medi-Cal dental benefits, [...]

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Alameda County health clinic network for neediest

Originally published in SFGate. By Stephanie M. Lee October 21, 2013 Getting blood drawn should have been an easy part of Selesi Alatini's checkup. But on this day, the nurses at Havenscourt Health Center in East Oakland were struggling to find a vein in her arm. "I don't really see anything that I'm comfortable about," Karen [...]

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State has healthy jump on affordable care

Originally published in SFGate. By Kristen V. Brown August 27, 2013 500,000 uninsured get coverage before law takes effect For years after Rachelle Hammond was diagnosed with COPD - chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - her routine treatment strategy was a visit to the emergency room. Hammond, 54, was uninsured and could not afford the necessary [...]

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Medi-Cal dental coverage to be partially restored, but not until May

Originally published in The Mercury News. By Sandt Kleffman July 5, 2013 LeAna Powell, already missing two front teeth, has so much pain from several molars that she pops pain pills routinely and tries to eat only soft food. She thought it would be OK to munch some popcorn, but when she tried [...]

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Doctors Fear HIV Patients Will Fall Through Cracks As Obamacare Rolls Out

Originally published in KQED. By Lisa Aliferis April 26, 2013 Public health implications as people who stop taking HIV medications can quickly become infectious. A major goal of the federal health care law is that millions of people who currently do not have health insurance will have improved access to care. But the [...]

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Hope Center clinic serves ‘super users’

Originally published in SF Chronicle. By Drew Joseph March 24, 2013 Hervy Luster's blood pressure flashed 133/86. The top figure had been above 150 a few weeks prior. "That's awesome," said Dr. Dave Moskowitz. "The garlic is working," Luster, 59, said with a laugh, explaining he had eaten lots of garlic lately. "Not [...]

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