“Extremis” Documentary Filmed at Highland Hospital Receives Emmy Nominations

An award-winning documentary filmed in the Highland Hospital Intensive Care Unit has been nominated for two Documentary Emmys: Best Short Documentary and Best Editing in a Documentary. “Extremis” debuted in September on Netflix as the streaming service’s first short-form documentary. It follows the award-winning 2012 documentary “The Waiting Room,” also filmed at Highland. The [...]

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NPR: A Physician Explores ‘A Better Path’ to the End of Life

Originally published in National Public Radio. By Terry Gross August 9, 2017 Dr. Jessica Nutik Zitter, author of Extreme Measures, discusses the ethics of using medical assistance to hasten death. Zitter is the subject of the Netflix documentary Extremis. Transcript TERRY GROSS, HOST: This is FRESH AIR. I'm Terry Gross. My guest is a critical care [...]

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Tomorrow’s Doctors, Pharmacists, and Nurses

Originally published in Alameda Magazine. By Andrea A. Firth June 8, 2017 Two teen internship programs give high schoolers meaningful health care job experiences in working hospital settings. Life Academy senior Natalie Peòa Serafin, 18, left, watches a suregon at Benioff Children’s Oakland. Ten students from Alameda High School talked quietly [...]

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Training a Diverse Healthcare Workforce of the Future

Health System Contact Terry Lightfoot tlightfoot@alamedahealthsystem.org 510-535-7626 Training a Diverse Healthcare Workforce of the Future Alameda Health System, Alameda Unified School District and FACES for the Future Partner on a High School Internship Program Oakland, Calif. (March 7, 2017) – Alameda Health System (AHS), Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) and FACES for the Future Coalition [...]

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Dan Krauss’ Oscar-Nominated ‘Extremis’ Faces End-of-Life Decisions

Originally posted in KQED. By Michael Fox February 22, 2017 Documentary filmmakers regularly venture into crisis zones to show us conditions in remote locations that we’ll never visit. But they also serve an important function when the situation they cover is closer to home and one we’re likely to experience, such as the [...]

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Moving from Stigma to Science in Treating Addiction

Originally published in California Health Care Foundation. By Xenia Shih Bion December 17, 2016 Despite the availability of new ways to treat millions of people trapped by addiction to opioids, the news has not been good. “The epidemic of deaths involving opioids continues to worsen,” said Tom Frieden, director of the US Centers [...]

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Highland earns statewide honor

Alameda Health System Highland Hospital, one of only three Baby-Friendly designated hospitals in the Bay Area, has earned a spot on California’s 2016 Hospital C-Section Honor Roll. California Health and Human Services Secretary Diana Dooley recently recognized the Oakland hospital as one of 104 in the state which have met or exceeded a federal goal [...]

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