At Alameda Health System (AHS) our employees are our greatest asset.  Our STARs (Service Team Award Recipient) are employees recognized for going above and beyond the standards of behavior with outstanding performance based on contributions to the AHS vision, mission and values.  These individuals demonstrate professionalism and enthusiasm in their day-to-day duties. They are an inspiration to their peers, patients, and community.  Finally, these individuals have demonstrated an unwavering willingness to help others within their department and the organization.

Jacqueline Llamas
Jacqueline LlamasAHD Environmental Services Aide
Jacqueline works tirelessly to ensure that rooms are thoroughly cleaned and I’m pretty sure by the time she’s done cleaning a room, you can eat off every surface. She takes pride in her work, is always there with a smile and you can tell she understands that she’s just as important as the others on the health care team.
Caroline Steele
Caroline SteeleNurse Care Management
Caroline always goes above and beyond in helping our pediatric patients at Eastmont. She has an exceptionally calm and caring demeanor that invites patients to open up to her and share sensitive information. She follows up with patients after their clinic visits to ensure they get connected with services they need.
Richard Cavitt
Richard CavittCook
Richard continuously displays a great attitude and always ensures our food is at its highest quality for our residents and patients. He is the ultimate team player and goes out of his way each day to check in with the cooks and make sure they have what they need and to offer his support.
Naomi Caldwell
Naomi CaldwellDietitian II
Naomi should be recognized for making a massive impact on patient safety and infection prevention. She was instrumental in helping to develop a new written policy to avoid blood draws from central devices which is currently on track for approval to help reduce Central Line-associated Bloodstream Infections (CLABSIs).
Grace Olandria
Grace OlandriaDirector, Nursing Services, SNF
Grace is exceptional at what she does in her role as DON. She is the first to arrive and the last to leave and has an open door policy for residents, staff, families and visitors. Grace has initiated and championed several PI projects and she will continue to aim high for Fairmont to be recognized as one of the best post-acute SNFs in the health care community.
Jan Robertson
Jan RobertsonSenior Clinical Quality Improvement Manager, Patient Safety
Jan provides a calm, caring and compassionate forum for our patients and families to express their experiences and she creates opportunities for the clinical team to address those areas of concern. Her authentic approach conveys her heartfelt commitment to promoting wellness, eliminating disparities and optimizing the health of our communities.