Alameda Health System has partnered with Carnegie Hall and Noe Music to offer the Lullaby Project to perinatal patients enrolled in its Centering Pregnancy program. The Lullaby Project pairs professional musicians with expecting families. Together, they compose and sing personalized lullabies in English and Spanish for their babies. 

“It’s amazing when you can experience in real time something that research has shown to be true: that Centering, singing, and lullabies can all have a positive impact on mental health and bonding. I have personally and professionally experienced the power of writing and singing original lullabies. The Lullaby Project is one of the most inspiring resources I have offered to my Centering patients,” said Devorah Cohen Roisman, certified nurse midwife and Centering Pregnancy clinical director at Alameda Health System. 

The Lullaby Project is a program of Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute that reaches parents in health care settings, community centers, high schools, correctional settings, and more. Researchers have found that creating and singing lullabies mutually benefits parents and their children.

“Carnegie Hall partners with community organizations and health systems such as Noe Music and Alameda Health System to support maternal health, aid childhood development, and create meaningful ways for new parents to connect with their children through music,” said Tiffany Ortiz, director of early childhood programs at Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute. “Songwriting is a wonderful way for parents to express their hopes and dreams for their children and for themselves. We’ve seen firsthand the tremendous impact the Lullaby Project has had on caregiver and family well-being.”

Centering Pregnancy at Alameda Health System 

Alameda Health System’s adoption of the Lullaby Project delivers therapeutic music experiences to patients enrolled in its Centering Pregnancy program, a group perinatal care service for cohorts of birthing people and families who are expecting around the same time. Centering groups are a midwife-led model of care that integrates perinatal medical care with social services, interactive learning, and community building.

Alameda Health System offers culturally congruent Centering cohorts including Spanish-language Centering and Beloved Birth Black Centering. Studies show that Centering reduces rates of babies born too soon and too small, and Centering has been shown to reduce racism-based disparities in maternal health outcomes.

“Pregnant parents who receive their perinatal care at Alameda Health System can expect comprehensive, wraparound services and whole-person programming that enriches their pregnancy journey from start to finish,” said James Jackson, CEO of Alameda Health System. “We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality of care, while also creating cultural spaces where our patients feel heard, empowered and respected.”

Support the Lullaby Project at Alameda Health System

The Lullaby Project is one example of how AHS’s Centering Pregnancy celebrates the lived experience of perinatal patients and honors their family’s hopes and dreams. To support programming like this, donate to the Alameda Health System Foundation.