San Leandro Hospital

San Leandro Hospital is a 93-bed facility in central Alameda County offering 24-hour emergency services, critical care, and surgical and rehabilitation services, serving a population of 265,000. Its Level II Emergency Department has 13 beds and serves 34,000 patients a year.

San Leandro Hospital
13855 E. 14th St.
San Leandro, CA 94578
Driving Directions


Free parking is available in front of the hospital.

Services offered at this location:

Heart health matters. Our team provides the best diagnosis and treatment to help prevent and recover from heart disease.

We are experts at responding quickly to health emergencies. Sickness and accidents happen. When they do, our emergency and urgent care locations are here for you. If you have a serious emergency, call 911.
Our skilled and caring team uses X-ray, MRI, ultrasound, and other techniques.

Imaging & Radiology Dept:

Our skilled doctors treat infections of all kinds, including HIV and COVID. They also help with prevention of infections in our hospitals and our community.

Patients with serious kidney problems, may need dialysis. Dialysis filters blood when kidneys can longer do so. Our caring team will help patients maintain their health through consistent dialysis services.

Our lab staff provide services patients and their doctors need to understand their health. With a doctor’s order, patients can get services to help with a diagnosis or monitor illnesses. We also provide routine mammograms. With a doctor’s order, patients can get many different lab services at a convenient location.

Lab Services Dept:

A mammogram is an image of your breast that doctors use to monitor breast health. Our team uses the newest tools to monitor breast health at all stages of life.

Imaging & Radiology Dept:

Our pharmacists are experts on the medicines and devices patients and their families need to cope with many health concerns. They can also provide guidance on how to take medications and they interact with doctors to be sure patients are on the right track.

After an illness or injury, patients may need special help to recover or they may need tools to cope with a disability. Our experts will carefully guide patients to improve function and well-being.

Our team can help with lung and breathing problems of all kinds. We care for patients with emergency and ongoing conditions—like heart attack, stroke, asthma, bronchitis, COPD, emphysema, and sleep apnea.
Our Senior Health program provides education, support, and care in older age. We focus on the needs of our patients and their families with many types of support. Our Fall Prevention Center helps with skills and ideas to prevent falls.
Our team helps you cope with social, emotional, and health problems. We also give you community service referrals and offer special chaplain counseling for all faiths and beliefs.
Our surgeons perform all kinds of procedures to meet patient needs. Patients choosing an elective procedure or who need a complex or emergency operation, are in good hands.