A new year has come and, with it, a new SCORE Survey. Your voice is critical to improving work conditions and the safety and reliability of the care we deliver. Together we can reach our goal to create a reliable, sustainable, and transparent culture of safety.

As you may recall in 2021, we embarked on a journey of cultural transformation with the implementation of the safety, communication, operational risk, resilience, and engagement (SCORE) Culture of Safety Survey. The first step in our journey was to assess our organization’s culture by soliciting feedback directly from providers, staff and leaders.

I’m proud to say we achieved a response rate of 72%, with over 3,600 providers and staff boldly offering their feedback. Facilitators debriefed over 130 departments on their survey results which empowered frontline staff and providers to candidly share concerns related to culture and safety in their work settings.

The data was revealing. Of the nine domains within the survey, the two lowest-scoring areas were teamwork and safety climate, the two primary influencers that drive a culture of safety. It was clear we had our work cut out for us.

I thank all of the departments who developed and implemented improvement plans to achieve our collective goal to improve the teamwork, communication, and safety climate within all work settings. I’m excited to see how far we have come and it’s time to measure the progress we’ve achieved in the past year.

For 2022, we’ve set the bar a little higher. Our goal is to achieve an 80% response rate across AHS and I know we can achieve it. I genuinely value your voice and input and it’s vital we hear directly from each of you.

This year again we’ve engaged Safe and Reliable Healthcare to launch the SCORE survey and we are dedicated to ensuring the confidentiality and anonymity of your responses.

Once analyzed, survey results will be shared with you and used to prioritize and implement improvements. Your voice and feedback are critical to improving work conditions and the safety and reliability of the care we deliver to patients.

The survey opened on Monday, February 2, 2022, and will remain open until March 21, 2022. We encourage you to take the survey as soon as possible so we can see just how far we’ve come.

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James Jackson, CEO