Alameda Health System (AHS) is on a journey to population health and wellness and you are the key to our success. We know that success requires a commitment to collaboration and engagement with our employees and care givers to respond to the sometimes uncertain and continuously changing health care environment. It also requires investments in new tools, new talents, and new processes that empower patients and providers to partner in the effort to improve individual and community health. We are already making investments and will continue doing so to ensure you have the support you need to succeed.

Our employee and provider surveys tell us that a sense of belonging is the top driver for engagement in our organization. It is our mission that drives the sense of purpose for many who choose to work at AHS, and a shared vision to promote wellness, eliminate disparities and optimize the health of our diverse communities. We are grateful for the dedication we find across the organization and the key ingredients for success – our people and their engagement around our purpose.

The one constant in health care these days is change; disruptive, transformative change needed to succeed and likely to bring some anxiety and uncertainty. The best way to address these emotions is ongoing, transparent communication to ensure you have the information you need to feel comfortable with the direction of our organization and confident in your work. It is within this spirit that we introduce the Labor Relations website to provide you with timely updates about activities, access to your union agreements, and our schedule for negotiations.

In doing so, it is important to understand how AHS approaches labor relations, including the few broad interests and principles that continue to guide us:

  1. To ensure that AHS is able to recruit and retain a highly competent and motivated workforce.
  2. To provide a safe and secure workplace for our employees and our community.
  3. To base employee compensation and benefit structures on professional market data that enables us to compare ourselves to the local market.
  4. To propose changes to existing provisions that increase staff accountability to, and collaboration with leadership in the interest of our patients.
  5. To propose changes to existing provisions that would incentivize our most highly skilled staff members.

We look forward to productive dialogue toward mutually beneficial relationships as we meet with our labor representatives in the upcoming months. We ask that you to come back to this site often to receive updates relevant to your membership and share your comments or questions. We also look forward to the work that we will do together to secure the future of AHS and ensure our mission continues for the many patients who rely on us for their care.

Delvecchio Finley, CEO
Luis Fonseca, COO
Jeanette Louden-Corbett, CHRO