Alameda Health System (AHS) is pleased to be back at the bargaining table with the SEIU 1021 Registered Nurses Unit (SEIU) to continue negotiations for a successor agreement.

AHS is committed to transparent clear communication and to negotiate in good faith to reach a fair agreement.

The parties met on Tuesday June 9, 2020 and AHS provided SEIU RN with 19 proposals. These 19 proposals were a combination of new proposals as well as responses to SEIU’s prior proposals. AHS received four proposals from SEIU.

AHS’ proposals seek to clarify language that has been difficult to understand and in some instances contradicted in other sections of the Agreement.

For example, Article 21: Seniority Probation and Reduction in Force was among the 19 articles that AHS is seeking to clarify. In this article seniority is defined as “the total length of unbroken services with AHS commencing with the employee’s most recent date of hire in a regular full-time or part-time position.”

This language is inconsistent with how seniority is defined in other sections of the agreement, which can lead to confusion and misinterpretation. For purposes of clarity, AHS sought to drive consistency by defining seniority as time spent within the bargaining unit.

AHS is committed to continuing discussions and negotiations with the SEIU RN bargaining unit and has proposed two dates for the month of June. SEIU accepted one of the dates offered for June 23rd.