Alameda Hospital ILWU Bargaining Update #5

On June 4th and June 8th Alameda Hospital (AH) met with the International Longshoremen and Warehouse Union (ILWU), Local 6 to negotiate and secure a new collective bargaining agreement that is clear, comprehensible and easy to interpret by staff, managers and AH.

The Hospital presented nine proposals including updated language to simplifying and providing up to five days of paid bereavement leave, allowing for adequate shop steward release time, creating a process to provide successor bargaining team release time, developing a streamlined grievance procedure, and establishing a clear process on filing vacant positions.

ILWU presented seven proposals including bereavement leave, shop steward release time, and successor bargaining release time, the grievance procedure, and the process for filing vacant positions

Tentative Agreements Reached

As part of the bargaining process, AH and ILWU have reached agreements on the following individual articles, which will go into effect after negotiations have concluded and a full agreement has been reached.

  • Section 18 – Bereavement Leave.  This agreement simplifies the language and ensures that full-time and part-time employees may take up to 5 days of paid bereavement leave when grieving the loss of family member.
  • Section 30 – Shop Steward.  This agreement will provide the Chief and Assistant Stewards with an adequate number of hours of release time as needed when acting as a steward during their scheduled work time.
  • New Section – Vacant Positions.  This creates a new section of the MOU to define the process on how open positions are posted within the department, and the preferred order in which they are filled giving first  opportunity to current staff before posting the position publicly.


AHS recognizes the value of ILWU members in providing high quality care to the community we serve. AHS is committed to the bargaining process and will continue to meet and bargain in good faith to reach a fair agreement that provides competitive salaries and benefits and ensures our ability to meet the needs of those we serve in a sustainable manner.


The next ILWU Local 6 Alameda Hospital unit bargaining session is scheduled for June 24, 2020.