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Alameda Health System Board of Trustees Adopts Resolution to Support Families Seeking Asylum and Protect Children at Border Crossings

Oakland, Calif. — July 2, 2018 — The Alameda Health System Board of Trustees has unanimously adopted a resolution that supports families seeking asylum at border crossings, and is critical of the current administration’s Zero Tolerance immigration policy that “traumatizes many individuals and families seeking shelter.”

“This policy is contradictory to everything Alameda Health System stands for and is profoundly harmful to children’s health,” said Joe DeVries, president, Alameda Health System Board of Trustees. “Our mission is to care, heal, teach and serve all regardless of race, gender or religion. Deliberately separating families is inhumane, and we feel compelled to voice our opposition.”

The board resolution, adopted on June 28, 2018, notes that the long term negative effects of adverse childhood events on children, their families and their communities is indisputable, and urges the federal government to work to find a humane way to protect the southern border.

Alameda Health System has a history of supporting the health needs of those seeking asylum with a Refugee Health Clinic at Eastmont Wellness in Oakland and other programs that are specific to the physical and mental issues unique to refugees.

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