Alameda Health System is proud to partner with Donor West Network to help save and heal lives through organ and tissue donation and is honored to have held its first Honor Walk at the Wilma Chan Highland Hospital Campus, Highland Intensive Care Unit (ICU).  

An Honor Walk takes place when a donor patient, who is on life support, is transferred from the nursing unit to the operating room (OR). During the Highland Honor Walk, caregivers quietly lined the walls of the ICU to honor the patient and show respect for his parents.  

The calm and quiet display of respect and support is a moving and poignant way to display unity and compassion with the families, donors and care team.  

The donor’s family shared their appreciation for the display of support and the following Moment of Silence on behalf of their son: 

“He is a selfless, loving, and caring individual who cares more for others than himself. He is always helpful to anyone who needs assistance and shares whatever he has to give. He is an incredible human soul who lives his life to the fullest, creating a journey on his own terms. As we say goodbye, shedding his earthly robe, he joins the air we all breathe, his beautiful spirit flies on eternally.” 

Through this selfless act, the Gift of Life was granted to four individuals including a beloved family friend.  

According to Donor West Network, more than 20,000 people in California are waiting for an organ transplant and while 95% of Americans say they are in favor of organ donation, only 58% have registered.  

Organ donation is one of the greatest gifts one could ever give or receive. Register to donate today.