Those who discover the interior courtyard of the Wilma Chan Highland Hospital Campus are often surprised to find one of Oakland’s most serene gardens and havens for birdwatching just yards from the commotion of the Highland Hospital Emergency Department.

The courtyard is nestled between Highland’s historic architecture to the South, an ornate Spanish Baroque building built in 1919, and the sleek lines and glass walkways of the modern buildings on the North side of campus. It features paths for strolling, lawns for lounging, and gardens of native and drought tolerant plant species that are a wonderland for local wildlife, including the pair of regal hawks who keep watch from above, occasionally swooping down for prey in a dramatic show of prowess.

The hawks delighted patients and staff this Spring by raising a pair of babies. In fact, they’ve developed a cult following of bird lovers and even media attention. The Oaklandside recently ran a story about the beloved hawks that all but dared us to name our feathered friends.

“The hawks, which have yet to be granted names by an adoring public, raised at least one, and possibly two chicks this spring in a nest on the southern end of the campus,” wrote reporter Darwin BondGraham.

We decided to take the bait.

Please help us crowd-source a name for each hawk by submitting your suggestions here. The top three names for each hawk will be collected on August 1, 2022. Then, we’ll present them to Alameda Health System staff, patients, and the entire East Bay community for a final vote.