Newark Health Education department offered a 5-week pilot healthy eating class to patients with overweight/obesity and comorbidity to help adopt healthy lifestyle habits. At the end of each class, the participants received a produce bag from Dig Deep Farms with seasonal produce. Participants also had an opportunity to make healthy, delicious no-cook recipes and fruit infused beverages.

At the end of attending at least 4 out 5 sessions , participants received a grocery store gift card. The goal of this program was to offer nutrition education, encourage increase in intake of fruit and vegetables and provide practical experience of making no-cook healthy snacks to empower patients and help them increase their self-efficacy and confidence to carry out learned healthy eating behaviors.

The feedback received were as follows:

“Label reading was helpful”
“Learning about portion size was helpful”
“Great information, recommend for everyone”
“ The produce bag and learning to incorporate them plus the snacks we made in the class, they were all delicious”
This was made possible by funding from AHS foundation, our Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator and other staff members involved in registering the patients and interpretation.

We would like to especially thank our RD Sneha Jain for putting this all together for our patients. Thank you Sneha!