Goal, Mission and Objectives


To recognize nurses as highly skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals who positively transform the experience of care within diverse populations.


The Alameda Health System Professional Practice Ladder is designed to promote professional enrichment and growth of our nurses.

Nursing excellence is a top priority in meeting AHS’s mission for outstanding patient care, education, research, and leadership. AHS supports personal responsibility, respect for self and others, innovation through teamwork, dedication to caring, and excellence in customer service. The program encourages nurses to take the initiative for professional growth and development in their clinical field, thereby enhancing quality of care, improving patient outcomes, and promoting nursing satisfaction.

The program is built upon AHS’s philosophy of nursing:

  • To provide a combination of professional and caring practices through:
    • clinical inquiry, research, and ongoing learning,
    • clinical judgment based on practice standards and nursing process,
    • advocacy, and
    • ethical application of practice standards.
  • To contribute to positive patient outcomes through planned collaborative care by professional nurses.

This program is based on a philosophy that recognizes the obligation of professional nursing to provide quality care for patients, their families, and the community.

The Professional Practice Ladder was designed by nurse clinicians, charge nurses, educators, and advanced practice nurses as members of the Professional Development Council with review, revision, and approval of the nursing leadership.


  • Support and promote the mission, vision, and values of Alameda Health System.
  • Create an environment that promotes high quality patient care.
  • Provide recognition and reward associated with the individual registered nurse’s level of professional practice and clinical expertise.
  • Provide a network of resources for clinical expertise, collaboration, research/evidence-based practice, peer review, and consultation for members of the healthcare team.
  • Promote clinical excellence in patient care and professional nursing practice through the encouragement, promotion, and support of professional development and engagement.