I’ve worked at Highland Hospital as a food service worker since 2014. Now I’m ready to pursue my goal, which is to be a dietary manager here. I believe education is the best way to improve myself and to change my life.

Right now, I’m working two jobs, so the challenge is how I can manage the time and the work schedule. I’m lucky because my managers understand my situation and are finding a way to help me. They’ve inspired me.

One of the best things about Alameda Health System is that they are generous. The health benefits are great. And they created the High Road Training Partnership program. I’m happy with my job right now, but still, I want to level up. I’m not dreaming big, I just want to level up based on my knowledge and capability. I’m going to use this goal as a stepping stone.

I’m so proud, from the bottom of my heart, to be part of the High Road Training Partnership. The same day I learned about it, I applied. For four months I’ll go to Merritt College, and this program has support so they’ll create a plan for me, help me get books and everything, and a counselor to guide me. I’ll earn a certificate and college credit, plus have a CPR course and basic life support certificate.

I’m thankful I’m working at AHS. I have this opportunity and hopefully I can continue and pursue my goal to stay here for the long run. I’m very thankful to AHS and I’ll do my best to work hard and show them it’s worth it to keep me here.

Joe Mimay
Food Service Worker
Alameda Health System–Highland Hospital