We offer CenteringPregnancy prenatal care to bring together women whose babies are due at the same time in a comfortable group setting.

In your Centering group, you’ll get to know other moms. You’ll meet midwives and other caregivers, and they’ll get to know you and your needs. You’ll share your experiences and learn the best ways to prepare for birth and care for your newborn baby.

Our diverse groups of Centering moms form valuable, lasting friendships. Plus, Centering can lead to healthier babies and more confident new moms.

Centering is available in English and Spanish at:

Highland Hospital
1411 E. 31st St.
Oakland, CA 94602
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Hayward Wellness
664 Southland Mall Dr.
Hayward, CA 94545
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How it works

At your first prenatal visit, you will receive information about joining a Centering group.

  • You can join a Centering group when you are 12 weeks pregnant.

  • Your Centering group will meet every four weeks for two hours.

  • After the first four sessions, you will meet every two weeks until your baby is born.

  • At each Centering session, you will have private time with your midwife, who will check on you and your baby.

  • You’ll learn to take your blood pressure and record that and your weight in your Centering notebook.

  • Then you will gather with your group of moms to learn, share, and have your questions answered. (And enjoy some snacks.)

  • Your support person — such as a spouse, mother, friend, or doula — is welcome to come with you to Centering.

  • Your Centering group will meet again four weeks after you give birth. This is a chance to talk about your birth experiences and meet each other’s new babies.

At the Hayward Wellness Center we also offer CenteringParenting, where you can get support and advice from a family physician along with other new parents, and a well-baby check for your infant. Ask your midwife or call the Hayward Wellness Center to learn more: 510-266-1700

“The nursing staff at Highland is great. Their team is very special. They help you with anything that you need. They’re good listeners. Especially Eva, my midwife. She is the best person. She was very excited about everybody in their pregnancy. I felt very loved by Eva.”

-Kalayjah Harris, patient at Alameda Health System-Highland Hospital, with her daughter A’Rorri and certified nurse-midwife Eva Goodfriend-Reaño

“As soon as we started Centering, it just gave us a lot of hope.”

-Jhovana Contreras Bruboa, patient at Alameda Health System-Highland Hospital

Centering benefits

  • More confidence for mom

  • Healthier birth weight for baby

  • Better chance of carrying your baby to full-term

  • Higher rates of successful breastfeeding

  • And more!