COVID-19, Safety-net Hospitals and their Unique Challenges

Alameda Health System (AHS) Chief Executive Officer, Delvecchio Finley sat down to discuss challenges faced by safety-net hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic with the Movement is Life Caucus, a multi-disciplinary coalition seeking to eliminate racial, ethnic and gender disparities in muscle and joint health by promoting physical mobility to improve quality of life among women, African Americans and Hispanics. The interview was conducted by Dr. Mary O’Connor, Director of the Center for Musculoskeletal Care at Yale School of Medicine and Yale New Haven Health and Chair of Movement is Life.

Below are extracts from the interview.

  • The pandemic, as we know, is hitting some regions very hard and, we also note, that it’s affecting certain communities disproportionately, communities of color, both African American, Hispanic/Latinos, as compared to some Caucasian communities. At least we’re seeing this data coming out, particularly, in urban areas. How is COVID-19 impacting your community and your health system?

Audio Excerpt:

  • There are many challenges to delivering on your mission. Can you share with our audience what some of those major challenges are for you, just in normal life? Because I want people to have some appreciation and feel for what a safety net health system is and provides and the kind of challenges that you face in normal times, and then, we’re going to evolve into a conversation about the pandemic.

Audio Excerpt:

  • So, how are things different for Alameda Health System today in terms of the clinical services that you’re providing compared to normal?

Audio Excerpt:

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