This summer, Alameda Health System’s (AHS) Park Bridge Rehabilitation and Wellness Center hosted twelve HealthPATH participants from the College of Alameda pursuing careers as certified nursing assistants (CNAs). As a result, the students completed their clinical hour requirement in preparation for the state certification CNA exam.

“The HealthPATH CNA training program provides students with invaluable first-hand experience and exposure to patient care and the exceptional opportunity to shadow clinicians and staff learning how to be part of a successful health care team,” said Chief Administrative Officer of Post-Acute Care Services, Richard Espinoza.

On July 29, 2022, the students were celebrated at a graduation ceremony at Park Bridge and attended by leaders, staff and Resident Council President, Patricia Rose who is the head of the resident-driven process improvement program. She collaborates with staff to ensure that Park Bridge patients’ concerns are heard and addressed. In addition, she is an advocate for the CNA students and their success in learning about patient care.

The next step for the CNA students working at Park Bridge this summer is to prepare for the CNA exam and potentially become part of the AHS family in the near future.

“Our first hope is to bring them onboard, build CNA pipelines at AHS and from there, assist them in furthering their health care career goals as they grow and progress,” said Espinoza.

Many students shared that they would like to continue learning and growing as a health care professional including pursuing roles like registered nurses (RNs), phlebotomists and physicians.

“We support our CNA students’ aspirations, and we share with them that their HealthPATH summer program at Park Bridge can ultimately serve as a stepping-stone if needed as their health care career journey continues to advance,” shared Espinoza.

For more information on HealthPATH internships and training programs, visit AHS HealthPATH.