At Alameda Health System (AHS), we proudly celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, recognizing the achievements and contributions of Hispanic American and Latinx communities, past and present, who have inspired others to succeed. The celebration takes place each year from September 15 to October 15. It begins mid-month because September 15 marks the independence anniversary of five countries: Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, followed by Mexico’s Independence Day on September 16 and Chile’s on September 18.

All across Alameda County, Hispanic residents bring cultural richness and economic stability to local communities. They are government officials, business owners, community leaders and activists and at AHS they work at all levels of our organization to improve the lives of the communities we serve.

The Hispanic community is a remarkably diverse group with backgrounds from numerous Spanish speaking and Latin American countries. “We have origins from Africa, Europe, and Latin America due to migration, colonization and or war,” shared members of the AHS Latinx Affinity Group.  “Each of us has different skin tones and hair textures. We speak different languages and dialects and have distinct takes on our cuisine. We are unique with varying backgrounds, yet we share a common view of family first, hard work pays off and we are proud that our delicious food brings people together.”

According to members of the AHS Latinx Affinity group, it is important to acknowledge that like the Latinx community, many of the patients we serve and people we work with identify in more than one category and are equally diverse, complex and remarkable.

Hispanic Heritage Week was declared by President Lyndon Johnson in 1968 and was expanded to a month-long celebration by President Ronald Reagan in 1988. Throughout this month, we encourage you to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month, learn more about the Latino community and enjoy a meal from a Hispanic or Latin American country you have not tried before.  Visit to learn more.