Rare birthdays: Meet a few of Alameda Health System’s leap year babies

The babies born at Alameda Health System's Family Birthing Center on Feb. 29 have rare birthdays that will only come around every four years. Luz Sanchez gave birth to her baby girl, Dayami, at 6:27 a.m. “This is the day I did not want to give birth," Sanchez said. "She’s not going to have a [...]

This historic political leader was also a pharmacist at Highland Hospital

The AHS Index is a new way to look at data that illuminates a snapshot of our world today. It is intended to highlight health inequities and spark conversation, debate, outrage, and wonder. Year that Dr. Fitzroy E. Younge, an obstetrician, became the first Black physician to obtain full hospital privileges in the [...]

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Why is skin disease often misdiagnosed and untreated in Black patients?

Alameda Health System Dermatology Chief Dr. Leon Clark on tackling health disparities, rebuilding patient trust, and caring for black and brown skin Dr. Leon Clark was perplexed when a patient walked into his dermatology clinic with large blisters on his skin. It wasn’t the diagnosis that stumped him – he immediately identified the rash as [...]

Does it seem like everyone got sick this holiday season? Here are the stats

The AHS Index is a new way to look at data that illuminates a snapshot of our world today. It is intended to highlight health inequities and spark conversation, debate, outrage, and wonder. Percent of U.S. adults surveyed who intended to take part in dry January in 2023: 41% Who managed to abstain [...]

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Black Maternal Health is a Family Legacy

Beloved Birth Black Centering's unique, Black-centered approach to eliminating racism-based disparities in Black birth experiences was novel when it began in 2020. The program, which is delivered by Alameda Health System (AHS), the Alameda County Public Health Department (ACPHD), and the Beloved Birth Collective, provides group perinatal care by, for, and with Black people — [...]

A Wedding at Highland Hospital

Something unusual occurred on the Wilma Chan Highland Hospital Campus yesterday – a wedding. Francisco Jeronimo Lucas and Marcelina Pablo Bautista planned to marry in a courthouse ceremony on Jan. 4, but their plans were dashed when Lucas was admitted to Highland Hospital on the couple’s wedding day. Mr. Lucas and Ms. Bautista have been [...]

Alameda Health System’s First Baby of 2024

Alameda Health System’s first baby of 2024 is ZaLayah Ridgle. She was born at 1:18 a.m. on Jan. 1 at The Family Birthing Center on The Wilma Chan Highland Hospital Campus in Oakland, CA. She is six pounds, 10 ounces. She is named after her great-grandmother. ZaLayah’s parents are LaTasha Dixon and Allen Ridgle. Dixon [...]

Snakes and Turtles and Skinks, Oh My

Patients at John George Psychiatric Hospital (JGPH) recently received some unusual visitors from the Oakland Zoo: a gopher snake, a blue-tongued skink and an eastern box turtle. The visit was coordinated by JGPH activity therapists, who try to provide some sense of normalcy to patients recovering from severe mental health crises. “Just because people come [...]

The Power of Patient-Centered Care

Jody Reshaw had a successful career working in corporate kitchens and catering when she found herself struggling to walk or stand without debilitating pain in her legs and feet. Forced to put her culinary passion on hold, Reshaw found a supportive health care team at Alameda Health System (AHS) who continue to empower her on [...]

AHS Providers Say New iPads for Interpretation Are a ‘Game Changer’

A new supply of iPads equipped with video interpreter services is making it easier for patients who don't speak English to communicate with their providers at Alameda Health System (AHS). "They are a complete revolution for the Emergency Department," said Dr. Jeffrey Herrala, an emergency medicine physician at The Wilma Chan Highland Hospital Campus. Alameda [...]