We are Deeply Disappointed and Upset

Today, the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade, the 1973 ruling that established abortion access as a constitutional right. Fifty years of federally protected reproductive freedom have come to an end, and we are deeply disappointed and upset. Because of this heartbreaking decision, fifty-eight percent of U.S. pregnancy-capable people now live in states [...]

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Skilled Nursing Facility Residents are Visited by Angels

Every week angels walk through Alameda Health System (AHS) skilled nursing facilities and sub-acute to confirm residents are receiving top quality patient-centered care. They identify concerns, find out what’s going well and scan areas to discover potential issues. But they don’t stop there, the angels bring their findings to daily huddles and make sure [...]

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Juneteenth is a Time to Celebrate, Educate and Reflect

This week Alameda Health System (AHS) commemorated Juneteenth at the Wilma Chan Highland Hospital campus cafeteria. On Monday, June 13 the affinity group Black Employees and Allies Network (BEAN) hosted an informational table with giveaways and a raffle. Sheleka Carter, community health worker and advocate in care management is a member of (BEAN) and [...]

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Help Save a Life. Donate Blood!

Alameda Health System is hosting two blood drives in partnership with the American Red Cross. There is a critical need for blood in our nation, and unfortunately the need only increases during the 4th of July holiday. Donations are essential for trauma patients and people undergoing a variety of situations, including surgeries, transplants, chronic [...]

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Creating a Patient-Centered Learning Environment for AHS Residents

As a child growing up in the Middle East, Ken Coelho, director of graduate medical education (GME) and continuing medical education (CME) at Alameda Health System (AHS) discovered his passion for helping those in need by watching his father, a primary care physician practice medicine from the patio of their home during the Gulf [...]

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Creedon Advanced Wound Care Commemorates Wound Care Awareness Month

June is Wound Care Awareness Month and Alameda Health System’s (AHS) Creedon Advanced Wound Care (CAWC) raises awareness about the growing need for wound care to nearly seven million Americans who are currently living with chronic wounds. The month-long celebration provides an opportunity to educate physicians, patients and the general public about the prevalence [...]

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Bridging Linguistic, Cultural and Health Equity Gaps for AHS Patients

Born in mainland China, Candace Luo, program coordinator and training facilitator for the qualified bilingual staff (QBS) program, moved to the Bay Area and attended high school in San Francisco. She was raised speaking Mandarin at home with her parents but is also fluent in Sichuanese spoken by her grandparents and Cantonese which she [...]

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Be Stroke Smart and “BE FAST”!

May is Stroke Awareness Month and Alameda Health System’s (AHS) Primary Stroke Center at Alameda Hospital would like to remind you that when it comes to stroke, every second counts! Nearly 2 million brain cells die each minute a stroke remains untreated. Rapid access to medical treatment can make the difference between full recovery [...]

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From Patient to Advocate and Partner

Her History Loretta Medellin, AHS Homeless Health Center Co-Applicant Board (CAB) Chair, has been an AHS patient for a number of years and strong patient advocate. She was a high school teacher until an unexpected health condition changed her social circumstances. Loretta Medellin, AHS Homeless Health Center Co-Applicant Board (CAB) Chair According [...]

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Highland Hospital’s Dr. Herring Delivers “Game Changing” Treatment for Opioid Addiction

“We are at a critical point in the opioid epidemic,” says Andrew Herring, MD. “In Oakland right now, this is when the greatest number of deaths are occurring because Fentanyl is entering the system. It’s happening now.” Dr. Herring leads the Bridge Substance Use Clinic at Highland Hospital, where something unusual happens. Patients arrive [...]

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