The Evolution of Alameda Health System’s Equity Journey, and the Support of Peers

For the last year, Alameda Health System has gathered with 12 other California public health care systems to share strategies for dismantling structural racism in health care. The program is called the Racial Equity Community of Practice (CoP). It is a first-of-its-kind, designed specifically for public health care systems in partnership with the National Equity [...]

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‘We should not accept this’: Highland hospital leaders demand action to curb gun violence.

Highland Hospital saw about twice as many gunshot wounds in 2022 and 2021 than it did the previous two years. AHS CEO James Jackson and Chief of Trauma Dr. Timothy Browder were on KTVU Fox 2 to sound the alarm. “This level of violence is new, and I won’t accept it as a new norm,” [...]

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‘I’m a son of Oakland’: AHS CEO James Jackson in a news conference addressing gun violence.

AHS CEO James Jackson called a press conference following a shooting at Oakland’s Rudsdale Newcomer High School that wounded six people. "We’ve seen almost a doubling of the violent crimes here at our facility. So something has changed. I’m a son of Oakland. I grew up in Oakland... I’m calling on community leaders, and I’m [...]

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Meet Stormy and Sunny, Highland Hospital’s hawks.

Originally published on The Oaklandside. Earlier this year we were tipped off by staff at the Wilma Chan Highland Hospital Campus that a pair of red tail hawks, which had been living there for a few years, was thriving and had given birth to several chicks, raising them in a nest high atop a big [...]

High School to Health Care

The 2022 cohort of Alameda Health System's (AHS) HealthPATH interns graduated this week, ending their six-week immersion in the health care sector under the mentorship of clinicians, administrators, and staff at Highland Hospital. Every year, HealthPATH programs provide internships and work-based learning experiences to more than 300 middle school to college students from the Bay [...]

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How two decades of physician diversity work is paying off at Alameda Health System.

Earlier this month, Alameda Health System witnessed a historic moment at one of its hospital's emergency departments that speaks to the organization's efforts to promote more diversity among its physician leaders, the Oakland, Calif.-based system said July 22. In an "entirely unplanned first" at Highland Hospital in Oakland, a team of Black emergency medicine residents [...]

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The Red-Tailed Hawks Keeping Watch over Highland Hospital

The triangularly shaped Wilma Chan Highland Hospital Campus on 14th Avenue in East Oakland is built on a gentle hill, with the newer, sleek glass towers housing the emergency room and acute care at the top, and the institution’s old Spanish Baroque halls, built in 1927 and topped with ornate cupolas, at the bottom. Many of [...]

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Another Monkey on Your Back – Monkeypox

The world has become tired of pandemics and epidemics. It seems like endemic is a word that is here to stay. The latest surge in Monkeypox, a member of the Orthopox family of viruses, has created another source of anxiety around the globe. In this Indica News column, Dr. Jacob Eapen shares what we know [...]

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Highland Hospital’s Dr. Herring Delivers “Game Changing” Treatment for Opioid Addiction

“We are at a critical point in the opioid epidemic,” says Andrew Herring, MD. “In Oakland right now, this is when the greatest number of deaths are occurring because Fentanyl is entering the system. It’s happening now.” Dr. Herring leads the Bridge Substance Use Clinic at Highland Hospital, where something unusual happens. Patients arrive [...]

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AHS Midwife Jyesha Wren Talks About the Importance of Black Maternal Health

Alameda Health System (AHS) midwife and BElovedBIRTH Black Centering Program Director Jyesha Wren was live on KTVU local news for a segment celebrating Black Maternal Health Week. “BElovedBIRTH Black Centering is redefining perinatal care in the Black community,” said Wren. “We’re all about providing a table for Black women and birthing people to gather around [...]

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